Colorado Weekend Getaway

    Hi, friends! Rex and I just returned from a long weekend in Colorado (flew in Friday morning and flew back Monday morning), and I wanted to document the trip on the blog and share more details than I did on Instagram so here we go! Since we arrived super early local time on Friday (around 7:30am MST), we had a full day ahead of us. After grabbing some coffee and a pastry and a breakfast burrito at a local neighborhood coffee shop, we headed over to Denver Art Museum. The admission is not free ($19 for out-of-state, non-member adults) but it is totally worth a visit! There is so much…


    2023 LA Trip Recap

    Last week, I went to LA for the first time since I first came to the United States, which was back in 2016. So basically, I was visiting for the first time haha. I don’t think I’ll ever move there (due to the cost of living, traffic, PARKING, etc.) but I had a blast and can’t wait to go back! In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my very favorites/highlights of the trip! THINGS WE ATE Hanu KBBQ – While this is not an all-you-can-eat place, Hanu provided super KBBQ experience (I would say top two for me). They have an extensive selection of banchans and the service was so friendly…


    What We Did and Ate in Austin, TX

    For my birthday this year, I took a trip to Austin with Alex, my mom, and one of my sisters. We were only in town for two and half days but managed to do eat and do a bunch of stuff (despite very last minute planning too). Obviously, I am not an Austin expert by any means but hope some people find this post helpful! Eat (Breakfast) Tacos Our very first meal in Texas was tacos, of course! After some brief research on Reddit, we decided to go to Veracruz for breakfast tacos. They have several locations throughout town (and are opening a location in Koreatown in LA!) and we…