What I Read in May 2023

    Hi friends! Now that it’s June, it’s finally feeling like spring in North Carolina. May was not my favorite reading month but I did cross of a couple of newer releases that had been on my TBR! PINEAPPLE STREET by Jenny Jackson – 3.5 stars I had pretty high hopes for Pineapple Street based on some of the rave reviews I’ve been seeing on the Internet. While it is not as offensively bad as Every Summer After, I don’t get the hype. Pineapple Street is about the three young women in Stockton family: the eldest child Darley gave up her career and trust fund money to raise a normal family…


    Wedding Planning Update #2

    Hi, friends! We are officially into two-digit countdown until the big day so I thought it was time for another wedding planning update. It feels like we have done so much but somehow still have so much to do… Since I last shared about wedding planning, we have: A lot of the things we have accomplished in the last few months warrant another action on the to-do list (getting the wedding dress altered, finalizing things with the vendors…) but we’re tackling them one by one! P.S. Ending with a few of my favorite photos from my engagement shoot because I am OBSESSED (clearly)!


    What I Read in April 2023

    April was a whirlwind of a month, just like March. I only sat down on the first of May to write this post but actually finishing in the first weekend of May–oops! Looking back at the below list, I liked all of the books I read in April! FYI because I was out of town and traveling most weekends, more than half of the were audiobooks. THE UNFORTUNATES by J K Chukwu – 4 stars This debut provides a unique experience. The Unfortunates is a story of Sahara, a sophomore at Elite university who is consumed by her depression, which she endearingly calls her “Life Partner.” The narrative is written…


    My Everyday Makeup Recently

    Hello, friends! In today’s post, I’m sharing about the makeup products that have been in heavy rotation for me. I would say about half of the products, I have been using for a couple of years and the other half are new-to-me products! First things first, I wear sunscreen every day (though I could/should be better about reapplying throughout the day…) and my current favorite is EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. It truly feels like lotion on the skin. I love it so much I stocked up on it during Dermstore sale recently and got a couple of extras just to gift to my family. FYI I like the…


    What I Read in March 2023

    Happy April, friends! I had a lot of things going on during March, both at work and in my personal life so it was a relatively slower reading month but nonetheless, there were some books I loved. Here’s everything I read last month: THE LOVE MATCH by Priyanka Taslim – 4 stars This YA romance is everything you want: a refreshingly unique premise with a Bangladeshi girl who is graduating high school soon and working at a restaurant to support her family; and a plot that remains exciting and dramatic, with a love triangle AND fake dating trope. I personally did not know a lot about Bangladeshi culture prior to…