Wedding Planning Update #2

    Hi, friends! We are officially into two-digit countdown until the big day so I thought it was time for another wedding planning update. It feels like we have done so much but somehow still have so much to do… Since I last shared about wedding planning, we have: A lot of the things we have accomplished in the last few months warrant another action on the to-do list (getting the wedding dress altered, finalizing things with the vendors…) but we’re tackling them one by one! P.S. Ending with a few of my favorite photos from my engagement shoot because I am OBSESSED (clearly)!


    Wedding Planning Update #1

    After getting engaged at the end of last year, Alex and I made the deliberate decision to save all wedding planning for the new year. By end of January, we were struck with the realization we should probably start planning and making some decisions. I feel like we have gotten a lot of things done in the last month and a half though there is still so much to do! We have almost exactly 6 months to get everything done so fingers crossed. 😉 What we have done so far: What is on our to-do list: I know the list above is still missing a LOT but the way Alex…


    We’re Engaged!

    Last Sunday, Alex and I went to Winston to take holiday photos and we got engaged there! I have been taking photos on the Old Salem Heritage Bridge with the Moravian stars during the holiday season since college, and it became a tradition of ours since a few years ago. So when Alex brought up taking holiday photos on the Bridge again this year, I didn’t question it too much. The last couple of months have been pretty hectic so I was feeling pretty lukewarm about the idea to be quite honest… Coordinating schedules in Q4 is not fun, you know?! Thankfully, my older sister, Jiyoung, was able to come…