Rex’s Kimchi Stew Recipe

    Hi, friends! Today I’m finally sharing the kimchi stew recipe that has actually been requested multiple times over the years!!! My partner aka a white boy from East Tennessee is one of those people who can come up with recipes unlike myself, and he has perfected the kimchi stew for my taste buds during our time together. Hope you give this one a try! Ingredient List Steps


    What I Read in January 2024

    Hello, friends! Hope your new year is off to a good start! That has been the case for me. The new job is picking up and I’m learning lots but the work-life balance has been much better so far. This year, rather than reading however many number of books, I’m focusing on reading books that have been on my list (particularly prioritizing books I physically own and some longer books) and reading more books in Korean. So far, I feel like I’m making a decent progress and fingers crossed, I keep up with this goal better than I did last year! Here’s everything I read in January: THE HEAVEN &…


    What I Read in December 2023

    Hi, friends! Another year has come and gone just like that. A full week into the new year, I finally sat down to write about all the books I read in December. I have been feeling more like myself the last couple of months which I think is the reason why I’ve read quite a bit last month. MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins – 4 stars You know I’ve been re-reading the Hunger Games Trilogy before I read the “new” fourth book. My sister had borrowed my copy of the Mockingjay so I demanded it back so I could finish the Trilogy as soon as possible (don’t worry, she hadn’t started…


    2024 Hopes

    Happy new year, friends! Since I took the opportunity of my 31st birthday shy of a couple of months ago to reflect on 2023, I wanted to briefly share my goals in today’s post! Unlike previous years (you can read my 2022 Reflections & 2023 Intentions here), this one is pretty short and sweet. P.P.S. Since 2023 was a special year for us, we stepped up our holiday card game and ordered from Dogwood Hill for the first time. The specific design is the “En Pointe Garland Border” by Riley Sheehey, and we loved how it turned out!


    My Wedding Bouquet Preserved

    When I began wedding planning, I asked my older sister Jiyoung if she had any regrets from her wedding last year. She shared with me two main regrets from her wedding which were 1) not having Korean food at the wedding (which I was already planning to get Korean food catering) and 2) not having preserved her wedding bouquet. To be honest, wedding bouquet preservation felt like such a bougie thing I hadn’t considered it at all. Jiyoung is even cheaper than me in a lot of ways so it really got me thinking about it, especially because I was getting my wedding flowers from Shoua’s Flowers who created a…