Girl Scout Cookies Ranked by Three Shinsters

Hi friends! In this post, I’m bringing #threeshinsters back. For those of you who don’t know, the Instagram account for Better with Ju started as Three Shinsters over two years ago now. My sisters (Jiyoung and Sujung) and I are very close, and we hang out all the time.

Today, I’m having them (plus our bestie Scott as a bonus) on the blog, and we rank all flavors of the Girl Scout Cookies. (Shout out to Mr. Peake, our high school English/yearbook teacher for hooking us up with the cookies once again!) Without further ado, here are our thoughts:

Caramel deLites®

Sujung: “I usually don’t like coconut, but I like the combination of toasted coconut and caramel.”
Scott: “Caramel deLites, more like coconut delites, more like coconut goodnights”

Girl Scout S’mores®

Jiyoung: “My life. It’s literally my life. IT’S MY FAVORITE.”
Scott: “It could have S’mores to it.”


Sujung: “It’s not tangy enough. It’s a little too shortbread-y.”
Ju: “I don’t like these as much as I remembered liking them!”

Peanut Butter Patties®

Jiyoung: “It’s too crumbly!”
Sujung: “I like the peanut butter taste at the end.”

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Sujung: “고소해”
Scott: “That one tasted like one of those cheap cookies.”


Jiyoung + Sujung: “Not sweet enough.”
Scott: “This cookie comes out a little short.”


Juyoung: “Good amount of sweet. Good amount of cookie.”
Jiyoung: “I’m into it.”
Sujung: “This is my new favorite!”

Thin Mints®

Sujung: “Wish this was more minty!”
Jiyoung: “Tastes like toothpaste!”
Ju: “Too mouthwash-refreshing!!


Jiyoung’s Favorite: Girl Scout S’mores®
“S’mores are my life!”

Juyoung’s Favorite: Thanks-A-Lot®
“Perfect amount of sweet and chocolate.”

Sujung’s Favorite: Thanks-A-Lot®
“It’s not too sweet–I think my tastebuds are changing!”

Scott’s Favorite: Lemonades®
“I like the lemon.”

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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