Our First Ever Beach Week! Pt. 1 Beaufort

Hi, friends! I’m here to recap our first ever beach week, or rather the first part of it. Since Rex and I have been working from home full-time since the beginning of the pandemic (we were hybrid worker bees before), we had tossed around the idea of working from not-home, and it finally happened! Although I’m more of a mountain person (or 계곡 person IYKYK), Rex has been wanting to go to the beach so we decided to visit a couple of coastal towns in the state.

We loved Beaufort last time we visited and have been meaning to go back the last couple of years so that was a no-brainer. Looking back, we probably could’ve spent a whole week in Beaufort but we were not sure if we would be bored to be there that long while planning so we decided to head out to the Outer Banks for the latter half of beach week. You may not believe it, but this was my first time out on the Outer Banks (only took me 17 years of living in NC lol)!

We stayed at Inlet Inn right on Front Street, which was SO convenient. The rooms themselves are not super fancy but you cannot beat this location and complimentary breakfast delivered to your door! They do have a lounge area with a balcony on the third floor that is spacious and tastefully renovated which was another plus (I did work from the lounge on the last day in Beaufort).

*Not a hosted stay!!!

I know I already said I’m not a beach person but what I love is being ON the water aka a boat! We did a sunset cruise with Lookout Cruises on our first day in Beaufort. It was on a large catamaran with beverages (soda & alcoholic) included.

We worked most of the week but did take Monday off to search for the wild horses again. The first couple of days in Beaufort were quite windy, and Island Express Ferry Service LLC we used last time was not running that day so we headed next door to Island Ferry Adventures which took us a different island. I’m sparing you pics of horse poop which is the only thing we did see haha.

We did pick up a ham sandwich from Turner Street Market for lunch, and it was amazing so there is that! Also that place has deviled eggs as a side option, which I have never seen before but would like to see everywhere.

We went into the beach week with a loose itinerary which left some room for impromptu decisions like the Monday night dinner! Rex found Amos Mosquitoes during his research Monday so we drove a town (or two?) over to Atlantic Beach. There was an hour wait for two on a Monday evening which hopefully tells you how popular this place is! I almost had a hangry breakdown but I did survive and dare I say the wait was worth it. I got a classic fried seafood platter, and it was done really well. The service (by a lovely young lady named Dixie) was superb too.

Aqua was our favorite meal from our first visit to Beaufort so returning here was the top of the beach week itinerary. Tuesday was the only day Aqua was open during our stay, and it also ended up being one of the Tuesdays of the month when they do a wine tasting (what a lovely coincidence!). The wine tasting was only $12 per person, and we brought one of the bottles home. The food was as delicious as we remembered though I favor their tapas and small plates more.

These were the highlights of the Beaufort segment of our inaugural beach week! It felt off our radar again this time but we really, really want to do one of the tours with Beaufort Historic Site next time we’re in town. On our first night, we walked by Tapping the Admiral Bar but they were closed the rest of our stay so that is going on the list for next time too!

See you in my next post, hopefully later this week, for the Outer Banks recap!

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