Beacon Hill Books & Cafe in Boston

I went to Boston for my 30th birthday earlier month, and at the top of the itinerary was Beacon Hill Books & Cafe, which recently opened in Beacon Hill neighborhood. It’s seriously one of the cutest bookshops I have ever been in! It’s a four-story townhome(?) that has been beautifully renovated and converted to a bookstore.

Every corner of the bookstore feels special and well-thought out. The day we went was a beautiful November day with unbelievable weather, and the bookshop was absurdly crowded (the busiest they had ever been according to one of the employees) so I couldn’t get a ton of good photos of the space.

One of my favorite things about Beacon Hill Books & Cafe was their branding! In addition to the cohesive design throughout the store, you will also find little squirrels–engraved on top of the bookshelves and in stuffed animal format. I’ve always been fond of squirrels (probably ever since I was told I looked like this cartoon character in elementary school) so I geeked out hardcore.

“Paige” the squirrel

The top floor is dedicated to children’s books, and every corner of it is absolutely darling! Note the mini tea cup set. Just outside of the frame, they had a toy train going around on top of the bookshelves.

Unfortunately, these Books Books Books tote bags were not for sale as they are intended for use while shopping in store. I would’ve totally bought one if they were (maybe one for myself and another one for my sister haha)! So stinking cute. This is inspiring me to get on the L.L. Bean tote bag train.

The cafe was not open yet but the space seemed ready for some afternoon tea! The cafe is officially open, and I can’t think of a more perfect place to meet up with a friend or have a solo reading date at.

The cafe on the ground floor/basement level opens up to this stunning patio out back!

I may be getting too much joy out of this stuffed squirrel but how can I not, right?!?! Her name is “Paige” and she now lives on my TBR bookshelf, along with my Salem squirrel.

If you’re going to Boston, plan a half-day trip to Beacon Hill to visit this bookshop! You won’t regret it.

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