My Wedding Bouquet Preserved

When I began wedding planning, I asked my older sister Jiyoung if she had any regrets from her wedding last year. She shared with me two main regrets from her wedding which were 1) not having Korean food at the wedding (which I was already planning to get Korean food catering) and 2) not having preserved her wedding bouquet.

To be honest, wedding bouquet preservation felt like such a bougie thing I hadn’t considered it at all. Jiyoung is even cheaper than me in a lot of ways so it really got me thinking about it, especially because I was getting my wedding flowers from Shoua’s Flowers who created a beautiful bouquet for my sister. And because Internet knew I was contemplating about it, Instagram pushed Bonnie’s Blooms‘ profile to my Instagram explore page.

It felt like fate (okay, you can call me dramatic) to find someone who does such beautiful work locally so I wouldn’t even have to deal with shipping the bouquet after the wedding. Bonnie’s is definitely one of the priciest options in the area, and it did take us some time to commit but I really wanted to be confident in the final product so Bonnie’s it was!

For the process, I filled out the “Reserve Your Date” form on her website, which is a simple and pretty short questionnaire. Once she confirmed availability for our wedding date, we put some money down and then the rest shortly before the wedding. In the days leading up to it, you receive some instructions for drop-off, which was easy enough!

Before finalizing the layout, Bonnie reached out to get my feedback (for my bouquet specifically, it was whether to incorporate a darker flower and if so, the location within the layout). She suggested a couple of options and provided quick mockup designs so I could visualize and make a decision, which I really appreciated.

A couple of months later, she reached out to confirm our shipping address, and we received the flowers shortly after! It came packaged very securely, and she even kept the ribbon that was on my bouquet, which was so sweet.

I don’t have a permanent home for it yet because I ideally want to hang it in my office somewhere (not in direct sunlight!!!) but decorating the office is on my list for 2024 (actually decorating the house in general is, haha). For the time being, I have it styled on the bookshelves in our living room.

I simply can’t get over the textures of these dried flowers! It has so much dimensions and paints my bouquet in a completely new perspective, which I get to keep forever. Whether you’re in the Triangle or not (but definitely so if you’re in Raleigh-Durham area), highly recommend Bonnie’s if wedding bouquet preservation is something that intrigues you.

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