Fallcuterie Board

Hi, friends! I’m here with a new cheese board post! Compared to previous years, I have been seeing a lot more of “harvest cheeseboards”, “fallcuterie”, “boards with gourds” on Instagram. Fall is my favorite season and with the return of Boxcarr’s seasonal Cottonboo, I was inspired to create my own version!

On this board, I used a lot of warm colors for a fall vibe and a couple of tiny pumpkins because why not!? This was also my first time incorporating flowers, and I LOVED how it turned out. I incorporated small and local business products as well as affordable products from Trader Joe’s, including some fun seasonal goodies. Keep reading for a whole ingredient list with my commentary!


Boxcarr Cottonboo – this is their Halloween special! It’s orange inside which is perfect for some carving action. Boxcarr is actually having a carving contest/giveaway through the end of the month so check it out!

Boxcarr Cottonseed – the gooiest one of all the Boxcarr cheeses in my opinion! I cut them into a tiny triangle for this board, but you can cut the top and just eat it with a spoon.

Boxcarr Doeling – one of their newest cheeses, this one is made with goat’s milk and chives.

Rogue Creamery Rogue River Blue – The World’s Best Blue Cheese of 2019/2020 and THE BEST BLUE CHEESE I’VE EVER HAD indeed.

Trader Joe’s 1000 Day Aged Gouda Cheese – the most talked about TJ gouda so I had to try it! It was pretty good, but not the most outstanding in my opinion. I want to try their goat gouda next.

Trader Joe’s Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions – this was a crowd favorite! I think I still like Unexpected Cheddar a little bit better, but I’ll be for sure getting more of this in the future.

Trader Joe’s Toscano Soaked in Syrah – another popular one of the night! Cup of Jo comments never leave me astray.


Cheshire Pork Milano Salami & Sweet Sopressata – I get their salami sampler for the best deal! Their entire website is 25% off right now.

Daniele Sopressata, Capocollo and Genoa Salami – this was a value pack from BJ’s. Only $8.99!

Trader Joe’s products!


Effie’s Homemade Original Oatcakes – I got this as part of a tasting set with the Rogue River Blue. These oatcakes are very different in texture from the crackers I usually use.

Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies – I hear these are not actually seasonal, but they are no doubt seasonally appropriate! You can really smell and taste the maple which I love.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps – to fully get into the fallcuterie board, I opted for these instead of my usual Rosemary Raisin Crisps. I still prefer the Rosemary ones, but Alex swears these are better (but I also don’t like pumpkin so there’s that).

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Batons – these were only $1.99! They add a fun visual and a different kind of crunch.

Fruits & Jams

Blueberries & Grapes – adding fruits is an easy and tasty way to add color and round out the board.

Girl Meets Dirt Pear Cutting Preserves – this was part of the Rogue River Blue tasting set. This preserve has pink peppercorn in it for a little bit of spice.

Homemade Strawberry Jam – we (read: Alex) made a ton of strawberry jam with the strawberries we picked earlier this year.

Trader Joe’s Organic Turkish Apricots – I read on the Internet these are extra sweet, but I am not sure I can tell. I am still happily munching on these nonetheless!

Trader Joe’s Sweetened Dried Orange Slices – my tried-and-true favorite! Who doesn’t love sweet orange slices, right? These add a beautiful color to any board.

The board I used here is from World Market.

Will you be making your own fallcuterie?

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