Cherry Blossom Weekend in DC

Hi, friends! I took a short break from Instagram for about the last week and a half so writing this blog post makes me feel like I’m almost resurfacing to social media, considering that I haven’t shared anything on any social media platform during this time. I have deleted Instagram a few times before, especially when my anxiety was pretty high last year, but I have never gone for this long without having Instagram since I first made an account probably back in 2012 or something.

To be honest, I have been loving life without Instagram and am debating even to this moment if I should download the app again… I know I will because there are things I want to share but perhaps I will make these “Instagram vacations” a more frequent occurrence?! I have been living life nonetheless (perhaps even more so!) and here are some snapshots from last weekend:

My sister Jiyoung and I went up to DC last weekend to see the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are a big thing in Korea (thanks to Japanese colonization, sorry not sorry for making it awkward) so being out and surrounded by the flowers was nostalgic in a sense and just so much fun.

There were a ton of people out (possibly more people than the number of cherry blossom petals haha) but there is something so human about everyone wanting photos with pretty flowers and taking/offering to take photos of strangers.

One of my college friends, Monique, lives in Frederick, which is about an hour outside of DC and we got to see her and her daughter on Friday! We walked around downtown Frederick which is very cute and had pizza & pasta dinner at Pissarro’s.

We stayed with Jiyoung’s friend Piyanka in Bethesda for the weekend and got to explore downtown Bethesda for the first time! On Sunday, we went to the Farmer’s Market which was a LOT more than produce. We grabbed breakfasts there and I brought home some fancy salami and local coffee beans!

On the way down, we stopped by H-Mart in Fairfax, Virginia to grocery shop (we got 50 bunches of green onions for our mom) and eat some Korean food. I am obsessed with their food court!!! We shared the pork Katsu and tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). They had several varieties of tteokbokki that I had never seen before so that was exciting! They also have Korean-style pizza with potato filling so I will have to try that one next time.

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