To-Go Cheese and Charcuterie in the Triangle

Hi, friends! I am sure you know by now I love cheese and salty snacks! I have several blog posts on the cheeseboards I have made myself, but today’s blog post is a little bit different because I am talking about to-go cheese/charcuterie plates you can get from local restaurants in the Triangle area. There are a few reasons why I decided to write this post:

I love making cheeseboards, but it takes quite a bit of planning, from buying all of the ingredients to putting it together. I consider this my hobby and I am a planner so I love making cheeseboards! But I can see how some people would find charcuterie/cheese too fancy or intimidating to try making it themselves. And let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to eat without doing the work!

Though you might think it will be cheaper to make a cheeseboard yourself, that is not necessarily the case, especiallyif you are making a small cheeseboard and are wanting a variety of ingredients that are locally sourced. Consider the fact that you would have to buy ingredients in larger quantities than you would need for one small board (a whole jar of olives vs. a handful, a whole piece of cheese vs. a few slices), you would have to spend more to create the same cheeseboard and will have lots of leftover products. Of course, you can use the rest to make more boards, but this is why I usually make large boards (and snack on leftovers for the next few days) when using local ingredients!

I love affordable products (thus many Trader Joe’s products featured on my blog), but I have to say that local products are of better quality and taste better 100% of the time (because small batches freshly made with actual hands) and are worth the (slightly) higher price tag. With that said, these to-go charcuterie/cheese plates are priced very well in my opinion (for example, I have definitely paid more for half the amount of food while dining in, but of course, you’re paying for the ambiance and service in those cases).

Now that you have read my essay, let’s get into the fun part: the deets and my thoughts on the to-go cheese/charcuterie I have tried! Hope you find it helpful!

Alimentari at Mothers and Sons – Charcuterie Board for 2 ($20)

Description from Toast: Prosciutto, Salame Calabrese & Mortadella with Ciabatta Bread, assorted cheeses, olives & condiments for 2; Perfect appetizer, picnic buddy, or snack

Writing this post gave me an excuse to try Alimentari at Mothers and Sons! You know, I had to do my ~research~ (tee tee). Not pictured here, but this Charcuterie Board comes with a bag of sliced bread as well. It’s very charcuterie heavy (as the name suggests) and thus is hearty enough to make a meal for two. We loved the variety in this one, and I’d definitely get this and/or their meats for a cheeseboard in the future! For Raleigh folks, Alimentari at Left Bank at Transfer Co offers a charcuterie board ($30; feeds 2~4 people).

P.S. We also got a meatball sandwich with our order, and it was a good one!

Napoli Pizzeria & GelateriaAntipasto Platter ($11)

Description from Toast: A selection of Prosciutto di Parma, Sweet Sopresatta, Dry Spanish Chorizo, Asiago, Gorgonzola, Camembert, Marinated Olives and Neapolitan Breasticks (I think the cheese options might need to be updated?)

As the most affordable option, Napoli’s Antipasto Platter has the basics: cheese, cured meats, olives, and carbs (breadsticks) on a bed of arugula. The cheeses are from Boxcarr Handmade Cheese, which you know I love. The olives are made in house. Neaopolitan breadsticks are also house-made, and you can get them separately. The cheeses and the meats come individually wrapped in paper so there is a little bit of arranging to do (if you care about presentation). It definitely makes for a great appetizer or a grazing snack, but it could also be a light lunch for one.

P.S. They also have gelato/sorbetto in a ton of flavors! I also like their portobello mushrooms as an appetizer.

Old North Meats & Provisions – Charcuterie and Cheese Snack Pack ($21)

Description from Toast: 1 Local Artisan Cheese- 1 House Made Cheese – 1 House Charcuterie – Marinated Olives – Selection of House Made Pickles, Preserves & Others

I have tried a few of Old North’s meats and accoutrements previously so I knew this Snack Pack was going to be a good one! The meats and the pickles change depending on what they have in rotation. I want to highlight their Pastrami Rillette (circular meat chunk towards the bottom in the photo). I have used this on a cheese board before, and I was very hesitant about getting it. It is similar to pâté and kind of looks like cat food according to my sister Jiyoung BUT everyone who has tried it loves it. This is a heartier option and could make a light meal for two I think!

Now they have Charcuterie and Cheese Tasting Pack ($33) which is good for 4+ people. They also have a cheese-free Charcuterie Tasting option which comes with 3 of their house-made charcuterie offerings, condiment pairings, local crackers and breads–would be great for lactose-intolerant folks or to add to your cheese board!

P.S. They sell basically all of these items individually so you can purchase your favorites if you’re building a cheeseboard. They also have amazing sandwiches! You need to try if you haven’t yet (I still need to try their BLT so no shame)!

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