30 Before 30

Hi friends! Today, I have more of a personal post than of an informative post. I recently turned 27, and came up with 30 things I would like do to before I turn 30. I’m giving myself almost 3 years to complete this so I am hopeful!

1. Bake a cake – I don’t cook or bake but baking a cake from scratch sounds fun and doable! I mean look how aesthetic this earl grey grapefruit cake is!

2. Travel solo – Though I consider myself a pretty independent person, I have  never traveled alone. Even if it’s a short weekend trip, I want to make this happen before I begin my 30s. (I actually traveled solo for a work trip this past week, but it was for not even two days and I had a strict work itinerary to follow so I’m keeping this one to cross off at a later date!)

3. Do a food tour – Whether I do this locally in the Triangle area, or while traveling, food tours seem like a great way to be introduced to a city and to local businesses.

4. Go skiing – I’m the only one in my family who has never skied before, but this will soon change! I already have a ski trip planned for this year, and I’m excited to cross this off my list!

5. Master a recipe for potluck parties – I love potluck parties both as a hostess (less work) and attendee (feeling like I’m contributing to the fun), so it would be nice to have a dish I feel comfortable making at any moment!

6. Cross-stitch/Needlepoint – I used to do watercolor painting when I was little, and I want to get back to more artistic/crafty hobbies. I’ve been adding cute patterns to my favorites on Etsy for a long time, so fingers crossed, I’ll start embroidering soon!

7. Go camping – Since I’m holed up in my cubicle at work most of the time, I am wanting to spend more time outdoors. Camping is new and exciting!

8. Take a cooking class – Reviewing this list, I am pretty food-obsessed. I hope that taking a cooking class might make cooking fun for me!

9. Brunch with bottomless mimosas – I mean brunch. And bottomless mimosas. Need I say more?

10. Read 1984/Animal Farm – I love reading, but have never read these two books by George Orwell. This fact came up during a conversation with a friend back in college, and she actually sent me these books as a gift last year! My to-read list is never ending, but I would like to move these to the top of the list!

11. Learn photography – My little sister Su is the photographer of our family, so I’ve always relied on her to get nice pictures (from Facebook profile photos to LinkedIn profile photos), but unfortunately I can’t bring her everywhere so I’d like to step up my game.

12. Visit a friend in a different state – A few of my friends moved out of state since college, and perhaps this could be my solo travel?!

13. Learn how to play an instrument – When I was very young, I took piano lessons for a few years, but I absolutely hated it and whined until my mom let me quit. I wish I had stuck with it!

14. Find a wine I enjoy drinking – I love cheese, and I want to love cheese with wine. I’m definitely more of a beer drinker, but maybe I just need to drink more wine to learn to like it!

15. Learn how to drive a manual car – Learning to drive an automatic car was a challenge, and I will always have an automatic car I think. The idea of being able to drive a stick shift sounds so badass!

16. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter– I’m so jealous of everyone who has been! Fun fact: I’m a Slytherin, and my three siblings all belong to different houses.

17. Go to another National Park – A few years ago, I did visit my first National Park (Rocky Mountain in CO). I would like to visit more!

18. See Wicked – I’ve read the book, and I listen to Wicked soundtrack on repeat all the time. They’re coming to DPAC this year, so hopefully I’ll catch a show there.

19. Watch a Star Wars movie- It surprises a ton of people that I’ve never seen Star Wars! This could be easily rectified! (But a part of me never wants to watch it because it’s so fun to see people’s reaction when I tell this fact about me.)

20. Start investing – What an adult thing! I’m a saver, and I’ve been saving (both in retirement and high-interest savings account) for quite some time, but I want to start investing my money! (This has been on my new year’s resolutions for the last few years, and it hasn’t happened yet so we shall see…)

21. Gamble – Just for fun! 😉

22. Get a massage – I’ve never gotten my nails done, and I have no desire to. However, I have lots of desire to get massages. I’ve gotten free massages through college, gym, etc. but a massage that lasts more than 15 minutes sounds heavenly!

23. Take the number personality test – According to Myers Briggs personality test, I’m an ENFJ. I don’t believe everything about a personality test, but the different personalities fascinate me (I actually made a few coworkers at my old job take the Myers Briggs test so I can get to know them better–yes, I am that person). I want to take the “new” personality test so I can be culturally caught up!

24. Take another Salem trip – For the last three years, I’ve taken weekend trips with 2 or 3 college friends every summer. Hoping this repeats at least once more before I turn 30!

25. Do a roll up – Pilates is one of my favorite exercise classes. You get a great (core) workout and leave the class not sweaty! But I have always had a weak core, and I cannot do a roll up without using my arms. I’ll keep practicing!

26. Go to a music festival – #millennial #YOLO

27. Goat yoga – I mean goat cuddles + yoga, so why not? This might happen soon–like next month when a friend of mine visits from Texas!

28. Stay in a tiny home – I can’t remember when my fascination with tiny homes began! I don’t think I would ever want to live in one permanently, but staying in a tiny home for a weekend would be fun.

29. Travel to Midwest – I’ve traveled out West, but not Midwest! I want to experience Central Time Zone.

30. Travel to New England – Forever ago, my family went to New York, but I want to travel up more North! Maybe Vermont? Maybe Maine? (My recent work trip was to Connecticut but I was there for 24 hours total and had no free time there so again, keeping this on my list!)


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