Monthly Mumbles 2022.08.08

Hi, friends! How is this the first Mumbles post of the year?! I had missed writing Monthly Mumbles (because you know I love to ramble) so I’m bringing them back! (I’d like to bring back the Week in Outfits post in the near future now that I’m putting real clothes on every day again haha). Since I last chatted about random life things in this Weekend in Outfits post from May, I will catch you up on what’s happened in the last couple of months.

With my sister Jiyoung’s wedding at the beginning of May, we celebrated Mother’s Day the following weekend. We had a lovely brunch followed by boba per mom’s request!

My little sister Sujung graduated from Durham Tech! I’m so proud of her for this accomplishment especially considering she’s been working while going to school the last few years! We had a lovely celebration dinner at Pizzeria Toro.

Then there was a very Durham weekend consisting of Durham Blues and Brews Fest and Sylvan Esso Concert in a single Saturday. SO MUCH FUN. There’s a vlog from this weekend on YouTube!

This scene from Grace and Frankie really resonated with me so I wanted to share haha.

I had been to Alley Twenty Six a few times now but I only recently tried their infamous burger for the first time (FINALLY). It’s worth the hype and the price tag! So dang good.

Then it was time to celebrate Sujung again, this time for her birthday! We had family dim sum dinner at East Coast Asian Bistro. This was actually my first time having dim sum ever and I want to go back for Sunday lunch!

Alex and I went to Charleston for almost a week back in June, and it was my favorite trip to Charleston yet! So much good food and I got to see my college roomie twice. 🥰 You can read the recap blog post here and watch the travel vlog on YouTube.

I went to a cold coffee class hosted by Counter Culture Coffee which was educational and fun! We got to taste three cold coffees that were brewed using different methods and it was fascinating to taste the difference because you know, science. We also made three coffee cocktails (minus alcohol) which was delicious. They also have espresso class if this sounds like something you’re interested!

After literal years of contemplation of which bookshelves to get and then months of waiting for these IKEA bookshelves to come back in stock, we have bookshelves! I took this photo the day Alex built the bookshelves (whose feet you can see in the photo lol) and I’ve filled the bookshelves a bit more. I’m primarily a library user so the bookshelves are a bit sparse still but that just means room for more books!

Keeping up with the tradition, we went to the Dix Park while the sunflowers were in bloom to take some happy, sweaty photos haha. Then we went to the Farmer’s Market for some burgers and hot dogs, which was perfect.

I started walking around the neighborhood first thing in the morning (though I think this photo is actually from an afternoon walk). For over a week and half, I’ve been keeping up with my 6:15ish morning walks, even on weekends! Fingers crossed, I keep this up and maybe I’ll have an updated WFH routine to share!

Alex and I’ve been into oyster happy hour recently (I’m calling it research because I’m going to write a blog post, you know). St. Roch in downtown Raleigh was one of the latest ones we’ve been to, and we loved their oyster selection.

We actually live right by the pool in our neighborhood but we never go to the pool! We’ve managed to gone once this summer so far, I think maybe on the Fourth of July?

I went to Andia’s Ice Cream’s 5th Year Celebration Party last weekend. I liked my outfit here so I’m including this photo in this blog post haha. Am I overdressed for getting ice cream? No. Never.

Another random outfit photo but this is important because 1) I got these jeans on final sale and they fit and 2) I went up two sizes in the last couple of years (due to being less active during the pandemic, getting older, etc.) and I don’t have jeans/pants that don’t fit me, which is usually okay because I’m more of a dress/skirt gal but I’m excited to have a pair of straight jeans that I don’t have to squeeze into.

Just this weekend, I went on a river float with some friends! I’ve not gone floating since the beginning of the pandemic and I’ve only been to Neuse River so this was a nice change. We went to Cape Fear River in Lillington (where Campbell university is), which I would say I like about the same amount as Neuse River for different reasons. Neuse River is narrower and faster. Cape Fear River is much wider and shallower so it’s quite slow. There’s nothing quite like river floating in the summertime!

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