Charlottesville, Round Three!

    Hi, friends! I was in Charlottesville the last few days–this was my third time visiting, and it might have been my favorite trip yet! Naturally, I wanted to share about the trip with you (as I did after my first trip to Charlottesville back in 2020). We (me, Rex, my sister Jiyoung, and her husband Daniel) spent a total of three days and two nights in Charlottesville, and that felt like a good amount of time where we did a ton and didn’t feel rushed or bored. We drove up from Durham Thursday morning and headed straight to Thai ’99. We went there during my sister’s bachelorette trip back in…


    What I Read in March 2024

    It’s officially spring now, and I’ve been so energized by the longer days! I’ve gotten into a good groove with the new job schedule (only took like five months haha), and I’m back to reading in the mornings (with my old work schedule, I was a morning workout person for the first time ever in my life!). FLAWLESS: LESSONS IN LOOKS AND CULTURE FROM THE K-BEAUTY CAPITAL by Elise Hu I had read a Bookstagram review of Flawless a while back but what got me into actually listening to the audiobook was a bonus podcast episode I came across which was from a live show with the author Elise Hu.…


    Needlepoint Update!

    Hi, friends! It’s been almost three months since I picked up needlepointing as a hobby so I figured it was time for an update! Since January, I have officially stitched five canvases (they are sitting on the TV stand waiting to be “finished”) and am very much having fun! It had a pretty small learning curve at the beginning (and then another one when I switched from continental stitch to basketweave stitch) but nowhere as daunting as I expected before I just started going at it. Though I haven’t stitched every single day since I started, I have stitched most days and it’s become a comforting part of the day.…


    What I Read in February 2024

    Hi, friends! Almost a whole week into March, and I’m finally sharing my February reads! It was obviously a short month, and my new work has really picked up the last couple of weeks ago so I haven’t been reading as much but I read some great books last month: THEY CALLED ME A LIONESS: A PALESTINIAN GIRL’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM by Ahed Tamimi & Dena Takruri I have been seeking out Palestinian voices the last few months as I’m sure many of you are as well. They Called Me A Lioness was on many recommended reading lists, so I had to wait a while for my Libby hold, understandably so!…


    Rex’s Kimchi Stew Recipe

    Hi, friends! Today I’m finally sharing the kimchi stew recipe that has actually been requested multiple times over the years!!! My partner aka a white boy from East Tennessee is one of those people who can come up with recipes unlike myself, and he has perfected the kimchi stew for my taste buds during our time together. Hope you give this one a try! Ingredient List Steps