Elevated Cheese Board with Midtown Olive Oil

Hi, friends! Last year, I visited Midtown Olive Oil and used one of their olive oils to make an olive oil cake for the first time. Since then, Alex and I have become repeat customers and have been using their olive oils and balsamic vinegars at least weekly! I recently went back and picked up a bunch of their new products that are perfect for a cheese or charcuterie board.

If you are not familiar with Midtown Olive Oil, they carry specialty food items and other food-related items in addition to their oils and vinegars. Many of the products they carry and are featured here are made by small businesses and local businesses. In today’s I am sharing my newest cheeseboard creations featuring many of those products.


Bella Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto – This is one of Oprah’s favorite things so I had to get it, right?! I have had pesto only a handful of times and only basil pesto with pasta. It has instructions for baking with mayo and Parmesan (two of my favorite things haha), and an Instagram follower messaged me saying it is really good on fish as well.

Edmond Fallot Mustard in Black Currant – The beautiful color of this dijon mustard got my attention immediately! Midtown Olive Oil carries several flavors of this mustard including Honey & Balsamic and Green Peppercorn.

Glass Mini Cellar with Teak Lid & Spoon – Perfect vessel for mustard or jam. I like that it comes with a lid and a spoon–it’s all in one so you don’t have to worry about finding a spoon small enough! I used this to serve the Blackcurrant Dijon Mustard. This is handcrafted in Thailand.

Gluten-Free Toast for Cheese Cherries, Almonds & Linseeds – I love crackers from The Fine Cheese Co. and was excited to see gluten-free toasts from them at Midtown Olive OIl. My little sister has been eating gluten-free recently so I got a box of this for our cheeseboard get together. These smell and taste so good! Midtown Olive Oil also has gluten-free pasta if you’re interested.

Elderberry Balsamic – if you are able, I strongly encourage you to go into one of the three Midtown Olive Oil locations and taste-test their balsamic vinegars! They’re SO GOOD. We love their fruity balsamic vinegars for salad dressings or cocktails! We made cocktails with the Elderberry Balsamic and will also use it for salad dressings.

Horn Bowl – I picked up one of these dainty bowls which are handcrafted in India. My first thought when I saw these bowls was that these would be perfect for a salami rose since they are quite small and flare out on the edges. If you’re not a meat eater or don’t care for salami roses, these would also be great for dips or accoutrements (olive or cornichons).

Mrs. Ruth’s Jam in Chipotle BlackberryMrs. Ruth’s artisanal jams are made right here in NC with local produce. This was hands down my family’s favorite thing! I got the smallest size, which is 2 oz, but they carry 4 oz and 8 oz. Thinking back, I should’ve gotten a bigger size because it is all gone already!

Runamok Vermont Organic Maple Syrups – I love a blue cheese on a cheeseboard and there is something about pairing a blue with something sweet, whether it’d be jam or honey. This was my first time pairing a blue with maple syrup and it won’t be my last! I was very basic and went with cinnamon vanilla flavor but elderberry maple syrup sounds amazing too.

And here’s how the board turned out! I used lots of berries and use three different kinds of cheese and meats for variety. Head to my Instagram later today for a full list of ingredients I used on the board.

Photo courtesy of Sujung Chronicles


Black Mango Wood Round Board – Midtown Olive Oil carries a great selection of boards, and this round board made of mango wood is stunning! The color reminds me of slate, which I find it very chic.

Marble & Wood Reversible Board – This has a marble side and a wood side, making it two boards in one! If you have limited storage space, this would be a perfect board for multiple looks.

Killer Toffee – Who doesn’t love toffee?! I’ve had Chapel Hill Toffee and Durham Toffee is on my list to try. I hadn’t heard of Killer Toffee, which is another North-Carolina made toffee and I definitely want to try it next time.

Photo courtesy of Sujung Chronicles

Midtown Olive Oil has three different locations throughout North Carolina, in Raleigh, Greensboro, and New Bern. If you’re in the Triangle area, their Raleigh location is located near Raleigh Costco and Trader Joe’s so you can do a whole day of grocery shopping! They offer curbside pickup, free delivery within 5 miles radius, and ship to all 50 states.

Have you been to Midtown Olive Oil?

Disclosure: I received a discount for my purchase at Midtown Olive OIl. As always, all opinions and ideas are my own.


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