NC Cheese Board Take #2

Hi, friends! Making cheeseboards and supporting local businesses are two of my favorite activities. Naturally, I love incorporating local goods on my cheeseboards. In fact, my very first blog post on here was “Cheese Board with NC Goods“, which I made for my annual Cool People Christmas Party last year. I figured it was time that I do another NC Goods Cheese Board. (This is also my entry for #rducheeseboardchallenge!)

For this cheese board, I had to bring some of my tried-and-true products (aka I am forever eating Boxcarr cheese). I did challenge myself to discover some new favorites, and I am really happy with how the board turned out! In this blog post, I am highlighting the small businesses that produce the amazing products I used. Let’s get into it!

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese – Are we really surprised by the presence of Boxcarr cheeses on this board?! Hands down, Boxcarr is one of my favorite creameries. For this board, I basically got their “Perfect Cheese Plate“: Rocket’s Robiola, Lissome, Cottonbell, & Redbud ($75 price includes shipping; they can be purchased individually for farm/Durham Farmer’s market pickup). I love all of their cheese, but Rocket’s is my favorite!

Cheshire Pork – I have used their salamis before, and you can honestly tell the difference in the taste (ask my sister Jiyoung). Last month, I ordered their salami sampler and I used the hot soppressata and Milano salami on this board. This salami sampler is still 50% off which means it is ~$35 for 6 salamis, coming under $50 with shipping!! If you have been wanting to try their salamis, you need to snag this deal! I might order myself another one because I’m almost out already…

Everything Bagels – One of the Durham Food Hall Vendors, Everything Bagels make some awesome bagel sandwiches (I need to try their cream cheeses)! I wanted to add a fun/different kind of crunch, so I got some of their housemate bagel chips. They also sell different dips to go with the chips, and I definitely want to try the whitefish salad!

La Farm Bakery – I had posted a poll on my Instagram story a few weeks back, asking for the best baguette in the Triangle area, and La Farm was the clear winner! Actually, I had never tried their baguettes before so I took this opportunity to grab a couple, including their mini white chocolate baguettes (thank you, That Vegetarian Couple for recommending!). It was totally worth the drive because everyone LOVED the white chocolate baguettes!

The Mad Popper – I learned about them via The Durham Box, and I thought it would be so fun to include their gourmet popcorn on a cheeseboard! They have some WILD flavors to choose from (I mean…sweet tea?! candy cane?!) so I had to try a couple (as in 6 lol). On the board are Chocolate Drizzled Caramel with Sea Salt—sweet and salty! Yum!

Old North Meats – Another Durham Food Hall Vendor! I had tried (and loved) a few of their sandwiches (Currywurst, Monte Cristo & pastrami). I used this cheeseboard as an opportunity to get some of their capicola, pastrami rillette (similar to pâté), and marinated olives. I almost didn’t get the rillette since I was not sure if my family would love it, but Alex and Sujung pretty much destroyed it!

There you go, friends! I hope this blog post was fun for you to read, and perhaps you learned about a new business from reading this! If you are able, please support small businesses in your community!

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