Ice Cream Camp at Rockwood Dairy Bar

Hi, friends! I recently attended “Ice Cream Camp” at Rockwood Dairy Bar in Durham, NC. If you like ice cream and want to learn how to make it or try putting different combinations of ingredients together, this might be the perfect thing for you.

For Ice Cream Camp, you can book your spot ahead of time on their Square page. The cost is $20 per person, which I think is very reasonable for an hour-ish of fun and for the ice cream you get to take home. They also offer Ice Cream Camp for children, and you can also do private events if you have a large enough group. We did one of the Adult Camp Nights with strangers, and we had a blast.

We had some difficulty locating Rockwood Dairy Bar. It’s at the weird intersection where Q Shack is, and the GPS didn’t quite get us there. Do NOT go into the Rockwood Shopping Center because Rockwood Dairy Bar is not at the shopping center, and they will tow your car if you park there. Rockwood Diary Bar is literally right next to Nana’s so if you know where that is, that will be the best reference.

Once you arrive, there will be a long table right out front where you will be seated for the duration of the class. Stephanie, the owner of Rockwood Diary Bar, teaches the class, and she had some adult beverages for us to enjoy, which was appreciated by all of the camp attendees.

During the first part of the class, we learned about how to make sorbet (which is quite literally sugar + water + frozen fruit). We even got to try freshly made peach sorbet with champagne added, and it was quite literally the best sorbet I have ever had. I feel like I am ruined for life when it comes to any peach sorbet or ice cream after tasting that.

Moving onto the ice cream—it turns out the recipe for ice cream is as simple as the one for sorbet! It’s eggs, half and half, and sugar (not as confident about this one though; maybe it was milk instead of half and half). Stephanie explained how the recipe is the basis for all pastry/baked goods in different ratios, which I found fascinating. We tasted the Irish cream ice cream and started playing around a bit with the mix-ins–chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, caramel, cookie dough, pretzels, a few different kind of liquors, and more!

For our take-home pints, we could pick from multiple different base flavors–Irish cream, chocolate, strawberry, and more. Then we went WILD with the buckets of different ingredients all across the table. Your take-home pints look all official with the Rockwood Dairy Bar sticker, and you even get to. name it! I called my “Strawberry & Things” because I just put a bunch of toppings in my strawberry flavored base.

All in all, highly recommend the Ice Cream Camp at Rockwood Dairy Bar! Fun weeknight date with your pals or your significant other! I was impressed with the ice creams we tried and want to go back soon to try more of their regular flavors. Check out their Instagram for more fun pictures.


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