Visiting Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

‘Tis the season! We finally got around to getting a Christmas tree for the living room this weekend. I learned about Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm in Apex from a friend recently and was too excited to not check it out! I mean, I had no idea we even had any Christmas tree farm in the Triangle area.

Since there aren’t that many Christmas tree farms here, Jordan Lake gets pretty popular. For Thanksgiving weekend and the following weekend, they require reservations, which are free. I made a reservation for the Sunday after Thanksgiving (first Sunday in December) and they actually ran out of trees the Saturday before and cancelled my reservation (they grow their own trees but also get some from a grower and were not able to get more trees from the grower as they expected). We still decided to go look around the farm and I am so glad I did!

While most of the trees were gone or already paid for, it was fun to visit the farm. You just never see this many Christmas trees on a lot so seeing so many Christmas trees, including lots of baby trees, was just delightful! They also have a variety of trees, including “very green ones” and “bluish green ones” (these might be called Fraser Firs?). The prices were very reasonable, even affordable I would say! They had some really big, good looking trees for $75~$125. “Charlie Brown” (or slanted/crooked) trees are even better-priced.

They also have wreaths, trees wrapped in burlap that you can take home and plant, Christmas decor and gifts, and a little concession stand (which sadly did not have apple cider).

Last but not least, nothing like a bunch of Christmas trees to make the perfect backdrop for holiday photos! I don’t think you can take a bad photo with a Christmas tree in the background but the tree was just magical! I can only imagine how beautiful it is with more trees earlier in the season. FYI if you want professional photos taken at the farm, they will have to book photography sessions.

We definitely want to come back next year and with a better plan! They opened the weekend before Thanksgiving this year so that might be the best time to come. You can choose and pay for a tree ahead of time and pick it up at a later date. But then again, most trees you find at Christmas tree lots are cut sometimes even a month ahead of time so it’s probably okay to take it home with you if that what’s you want.

Huge shoutout to Alex and Jiyoung for entertaining me and handling me being very extra with photos! My favorite Bs!

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