The Corner Mobile Coffee Review

Hi, friends! I am back with another review post today. This time, I am reviewing The Corner Mobile Coffee, which is a mobile delivery coffee service in Durham! As you might recognize from their logo, they specialize in “Korean” coffees, which made this coffee-loving Korean girl very happy! In this post, I talk about how I first learned about them, my experience ordering from them (twice already!), and their coffees.

I first came across The Corner Mobile Coffee, when I was on Instagram (like I am every day lol) and browsing at Hannah’s feed (I had recently followed her so I had to creep) when I noticed a Korean writing “더코너” in a photo! Of course, I immediately went on their website and began investigating. Currently, they are delivering within Durham (update: they’re delivering throughout the Triangle!), and you can place an order to receive it the next day (update #2: they deliver on weekends too!). Any orders of $20 or more receive free shipping (otherwise $2 shipping)! Their website is very informative and up to date with their drink selection.

Before I get to the coffees themselves, I want to tell you about their superb customer service and communication! I got an email notification and/or a text message 1) once my order was received (with the estimated delivery timeframe) 2) once my order was ready for delivery 3) once my order was out for delivery with my order with ~20 minutes notice and 4) once they had delivered my order (with a photo)! I despise poor/lack of communication so I really appreciated The Corner Mobile’s prompt response and updates throughout the process!

Onto the coffees—I have now tried their cold brew and several of their espresso drinks. FYI they recommend consuming latte drinks within a couple of days just to be safe, but the cold brew keeps for about 10 days. I will say that I drank one of the lattes on a Saturday after receiving it Thursday afternoon, and it tasted completely fine! Here are my (and some of Alex and Sujung’s) thoughts on the coffees:

Banana Latte ($6.75) – I was probably the most excited to try this one! Banana milk is very popular in Korea (particularly this one), and you can definitely taste the banana milk in this latte. It’s definitely unique, and I highly recommend it! Here’s my sister Su’s review: “You can really taste the banana milk, which reminds me of childhood, and you combine that with coffee, my adulthood, and it tastes like a happy balanced life!”

Seoul Latte ($6) – This is made with their “secret ingredient,” and I have no idea what it is, but it’s working! It’s sweet (durh) but not too sweet, which is very Korean in my opinion. But I am not sure if I’ll pick this one over Banana Latte in the future.

Americano ($3.50) – I did not try this myself, but Sujung did. She didn’t love it because it was too strong for her, but you can try diluting it/drinking it warm and see for yourself!

Cold Brew Concentrate ($18 for 32 oz; $9 for 12 oz) – We are now on our second cold brew concentrate! The 32 oz concentrate yields 8 servings, if you follow their dilution suggestion. Of course, you can make it more or less concentrated based on your preferences. I am not a huge cold brew connoisseur, but Alex sort of is and likes this one a lot!

Maple Chicory Cold Brew Latte ($5.25) – This is another interesting one. I actually had to look up what chicory was (it’s a plant in the dandelion family). This latte’s got more smoky(?) flavor which must come from the chicory root. It’s definitely more bold, and I really enjoyed it!

Honey Coconut Latte ($6.75) – I am not a huge coconut person (this was strongly wanted by Alex), and it’s not too coconut-y, which I appreciated.

Dirty Chai ($6.25; Chai Latte with a shot of espresso added) – This was another one Alex really wanted. Again, I am not a huge chai person, but Alex is and he LOVED it. This was Alex’s favorite hands down! A quote from Alex: “Dirty chai is my go to drink at coffee shops and this is one of the best ones I’ve had!”

My top picks from the Corner Mobile Coffee are the Banana Latte, Maple Chicory Cold Brew Latte (available for limited time), and Cold Brew Concentrate (Alex’s top pick is the Dirty Chai!). They also have Korean teas and a couple of Korean snacks available. Let me know if you guys try their coffee or have any questions!

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