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Hi, friends! Shoes are one of those things I believe in “investing” (of course, investing actual money rakes priority). I had been wanting a pair of the The Heel from Margaux in Leopard for a few years, and Alex gifted me a pair for Christmas last year. At a price tag of $298 (though they typically do 20% off sale for Black Friday which I think is worth the wait!), these Margaux shoes are certainly an investment so I wanted to share my thoughts in the hopes that it’ll help you make a wise decision. Be prepared as this is a lengthy review!


First things first, these Margaux heels are the most gorgeous leopard print shoes I have ever seen. The leopard print on the Heel is perfect and basically what I want every leopard print to look like. While there are a lot of leopard flats and heels out there, I haven’t found a leopard print similar enough to this which is why I was so hung up on these heels for years! Having said that, if you’re not particularly drawn to the print and design of the shoe, there are so many leopard shoe options out there.


I would say the shoes run true to size, length-wise at least. They also offer narrow and wide widths, which I appreciate. Alex initially got me a medium width shoe because I have always worn regular width shoes. My older sister Jiyoung got a bunion surgery last year and has been a huge advocate of wide-with shoes since. Influenced by my sister, I was interested in trying on the wide-with option but first wanted to understand how big the difference in measurement was to decide if it’ll be worth the hassle of exchanging. I couldn’t get a straight answer from Margaux team and ordered a second pair in wide width following their advice.

The wide with shoe has a slightly wider toe box. If you have very wide feet, I’m not sure these will work for you though sizing up might be a better solution. Above are the photos of the wide width and medium width side by side. While the difference is small (I tried to measure it but using a tape measure was a bit challenging 👽), I could feel the wide width shoe having more room for my feet and liked the wide with better. However, I couldn’t decide which pair to keep BECAUSE…


The second pair of shoes I received had some imperfections that probably will not bother most people but certainly bothered me. The stitching on the shoes were a lot more aggressive on the second pair to a point where I feel like it broke up some of the leopard print? There was also a crease(?) on the top of the shoe, which might have eventually disappeared on its own but I just couldn’t understand why it was there to begin with…I can’t imagine the crease forming during the delivery process so does that mean they didn’t flag the crease as an issue before shipping it out?

Original shoe on the left with great-looking stitching; second shoe on the right with wonky sticking and a crease

Regardless, while these are minor flaws, I wasn’t happy with keeping the pair of shoes that were visibly subpar compared to the first pair, especially considering the price. By this point, I was tired of back-and-forth communication (which had been going on for a few weeks) and decided to keep the original pair. While I could’ve tried exchanging it again for another wide-width pair and hope that (third) pair of shoes will look right but I felt like I had to choose between a pair in good condition and a pair that fit better.

TLDR: Perfect leopard print. Not made for truly wide feet. Be prepared for some inconsistencies in quality.

While I had some frustration with the shoes in terms of imperfections and sizing, they have become one of my favorite shoes! I have been wearing it all the time and everywhere. While I would not call them orthopedic shoes as I have heard a blogger say, they are the comfiest shoes with a good amount of padding and the 2.5 inch heel is the perfect height for me.

Though I was initially drawn to the brand for this leopard print specifically, I would consider getting more shoes from Margaux in the future though I will likely stick to solid colors and ensure I order in wide width to begin with. I do think their Mule style is adorable (particularly in Magical Menagerie!) and I love The Heel in Chestnut Suede as well.

Here’s how I have styled these Margaux Leopard Heels throughout different seasons:

I firmly believe leopard print is a neutral color and goes with everything–thus this pairing with a lilac dress. Though these shoes do not cover the top of your feet, I wore them several times in the winter months (though they are pretty mild here in North Carolina).

This exact outfit has been repeated multiple times since the first time I put it together because I love how simple it is. The leopard shoe adds a little bit of fun to this otherwise very classic outfit.

These leopard heels are simply the best at dressing up very casual outfits!

In the warmer months, I often wear my dresses with Jack Rogers sandals (which I call work-appropriate flip flops). I’ve been loving putting these leopard heels on to elevate a comfy dress. I’m wearing a solid print dress in the photo but would pair them with a simple pattern (stripes, etc.) as well.

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