Honest Review of Universal Standard “Mystery Box” 2022

Hi, friends! Universal Standard has been on my radar for the last few years, especially since I began having disposable income recently and deciding to be more mindful of what I buy and what businesses I buy from. Universal Standard is a clothing brand with inclusive sizing (sizes 00-40), which I love! I made my first purchase from them a few weeks ago when they had one of their Mystery Box sales.

As the name suggests, Mystery Boxes are a surprise selection of items based on your size and the box that you choose. They had quite a selection but I chose the “Classic Box” ($148) to play safe. I am about a US size 2 and I ordered the 3XS box based on their size chart. Here’s are the three items I got in my Classic Box:

Jersey V-Neck Stovepipe Tee in Black ($55)

I love this simple, slouchy black t-shirt! I actually don’t have a black t-shirt anymore so this was a great addition to my wardrobe. The slightly longer sleeves are also a plus.

Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater in Grey Melange ($158)

This sweater reminds me of a sweater my mom has, even down to the color! This sweater is very thin which would work well for me with the North Carolina weather but it might not be the best for people who live in climates with actual winters.

Breezy Weekend Pants in Elm Green ($138)

*The Weekend Pants were not yet available on Universal Standard at the time of release of this particular Mystery Box and this blog post was later updated in June 2022 to reflect the item price

To be honest, I was quite scared when I saw the pants! I was hoping I would get all greyscale clothes (which I did for the first two pieces) or maybe even a pair of jeans when I picked the classic box so these green pants were almost scary when I opened the box haha. These are definitely out of my comfort zones but they have grown on me quite a bit since.

They are pretty boxy and loose on me with plenty of room in the waistband (has elastic and two buttons on the front). Again, these pants are 3XS which is equivalent to sizes 2-4 (and I’m about a size 2) so they might be a bit tighter depending on your size.

I usually go for very form-fitting pants so these are so comfortable and really a game changer! They’re perfect for lounging around the house and I think I can even wear them on a light hike maybe? I have also dressed them up with a pair of leopard heels (also wearing the stovepipe t-shirt in the photo below) and I was obsessed with my outfit! This look is something I would wear to an office too.

Overall, I am happy with my Universal Standard box! I found the box to be a good mix of basics and surprise and a good value overall. However, keep in mind that the value will really depend on the specific pieces you receive in the box and how much it matters to you to shop at brands like Universal Standard.

I also want to note that the green pants grew on me over time and I was quite shocked and a little bit disappointed. Now I love them but it’s very possible that you might not like all the pieces (since every box is a total gamble). There is a BST group on Facebook which might be a good place for you to sell or exchange items you may not love.

I will have to report back on how the clothes wear over time and how they hold up, especially for the price, but I am looking forward to having these pieces in my closet and have no doubt I will get a lot of use out of every piece.


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