Monthly Mumbles #1

Hi, friends! I have been wanting to write more personal posts so I am here with my very first Monthly Mumbles post! What this means exactly is TBD, but I am hoping to share what’s been going on in my life recently, what TV shows I’m watching, etc.

My first outdoor “dine-in” experience at Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards this weekend!


Interestingly, all of my immediate family has gone through some sort of “moves” since the pandemic began. This includes my brother who bought his first home. It is also our family’s first home since we moved to the States from Korea back in 2006 so it feels truly special. He was in the army until very recently (got out just before the military halted everything because of COVID thankfully). Since the move, we have already had a couple of family dinners, and I’m excited to spend more time with my family at his home (thanks for giving me a key, brother)!


Recently, I saw some of my friends for the first time since COVID-19 pandemic began. We are all being careful so all of the meet ups looked different (outside, masks, etc.). It’s been REALLY hot in North Carolina, and I am exhausted from the heat (I took a literal nap this afternoon after a picnic at Durham Central Park). However, it’s been nice to see people in real life! Photo above is actually from yesterday, where I had my first “dine-in” experience at Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards (which has a ton of outdoor and indoor seating).


I want to celebrate two goals I have achieved/been working on! For those of you who don’t know yet, I started a new job at a new company last month. Job searching during a pandemic was not fun, but I am incredibly grateful that it didn’t taken as long as I prepared myself for. I have a LOT to learn in my new role, but I am so excited!

Another goal I had set for myself at the beginning of 2020 was to post on the blog consistently. I am a realistic optimist so I set a pretty low goal of posting twice a week. At the beginning of July, I actually decided to post every week, which was a big bump. It’s been challenging for sure (a lot of the posts I had planned have not been feasible due to COVID: travels, brewery tours, etc.), but today’s post is 6th weekly blog post on here, and I’m proud of myself! I have a few blog posts in draft so definitely keep coming back for more!


Since the beginning of quarantine, I have been watching lots of TV. I am not going to list every TV show here to spare you some time (but Tiger King is definitely on the list lol). For the last few weeks, Alex and I have been watching Avatar the Last Airbender and I am actually really enjoying it! We’re on season 3 and I’ll be sad when it ends. Earlier during quarantine, I watched and loved Normal People on Hulu, Never Have I Ever on Netflix, and Fleabag on Amazon Prime. If you’re a fan of any of those shows, I’m down to chat!

There you have it! My first Monthly Mumbles post. Until next blog post/Monthly Mumbles, friends!

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