Mumbles 11.14.2021

Hi, friends! I didn’t get to take a photo of my outfits this past week (though I did put on real clothes most of the day) but I wanted to share some highlights from this past week(end) nonetheless. I am calling this Mumbles like my Monthly Mumbles–I might just renamed the “Week in Outfit” series as Mumbles in case this last week is indicative of many upcoming weeks haha.

Not pictured but Alex and I last minute decided to go to trivia at a brewery nearby. We ended up getting there right on time and had trouble finding parking because they were so busy! We have been there a few times, including a trivia night, but had never seen so many people there. We couldn’t actually grab a table so we were sitting on a towel I had in my car when one couple invited us to share their picnic table which was so nice of them.

Thursday night, I was invited to an event at a new rooftop bar in downtown Raleigh. With the time change, I made sure to get there early so I could get a sunset photo! I saw so many familiar faces and met so many of my Instagram friends IRL and had so much fun. So happy.

Another thought I had throughout the evening is that maybe I want iPhone 13?! The sun set so early so it was dark outside most of the evening. I have an iPhone 11 Pro which just doesn’t do great in poor lighting so I was jealous of all the iPhone 13 users!

Alex and I have been doing Friday lunch outings and this week, we went to M Sushi! We were calling it one of my birthday celebrations, and it was lovely. We got the Sushi Combo (pictured above) and the Special Roll Combo (with Tuna Special), both of which come with a roll of salmon avocado roll. Low-key, my favorite thing was the Tuna Special Roll.

We don’t get a lot of natural light in our townhome, and this corner where my tiny bookshelf lives is particularly hard to photograph (at least with my iPhone lol) but I reorganized my bookshelf this weekend! I bought this bookshelf from Craigslist for $25 a few years ago but I desperately need more bookshelves!

I was asked to make a cheeseboard for one of my high school teachers (technically I didn’t have her but both of my sisters did and we’re Facebook friends!) so I spent Friday evening finishing shopping for it and put the board together early Saturday afternoon. I had been feeling uninspired and hadn’t made a cheeseboard like this in a very long time. This was so fun putting together though and it was a bit of a challenge since it’s the biggest board I have ever made!

Saturday evening was Friendsgiving! Somehow I managed to get zero pictures or videos but it was lovely. There was a mishap with Facebook giving people different times for the event (probably something to do with the time change) and some smoke detector drama but lots of food and convos were had.

On Sunday, the first thing I did was clean all the mess and do the dishes from the evening before. Then I spent the earlier part of the day finally editing and uploading the Austin Travel Vlog on YouTube. In the afternoon, we did some adult shopping. First, we went to a furniture store to look at some bar stools and left without success.

Then we went to Walmart and Michael’s because I really wanted a faux Christmas tree and couldn’t find any lit-up 6′ trees left in either of the stores. I was devastated and really sad (I am dramatic and emotional) but thankfully Target had a lot left in stock. I have actually looked at some Christmas ornaments on their website (and added 10 to the cart) so I picked up a couple that I had wanted–gold T-Rex and unicorn floatie one! My nickname in elementary school was T-Rex (because I was short tempered lol) and I have a unicorn floatie just like this so they are perfect!

Sunday evening was another birthday celebration meal, and we went to Cucciolo Osteria for a late dinner! We had been wanting to go here since they opened a few years ago so this was particularly exciting. Our reservation was at 8:30pm so I guess that provided another kind of excitement haha. We had the Spicy Vodka Creamy Tomato Rigatoni and the Carbonara. The lighting was horrendous (but maybe would’ve been okay with iPhone 13?!) but I got some photos because we had a great meal and Alex suggested I do a Durham Date Night post on this place—so look out for that soon!

Last couple of weeks have been extra chaotic and exhausting! I think I’m getting to the point where I need to be revived by the holidays. I am reminding myself that next week will be a short (and hopefully) quiet week if I can get through this week (which is actually first of two five-day work weeks I have left this year with the holidays and some PTO days I am taking). Hope everyone has a great week!

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