Monthly Mumbles 2022.09.25

Hello, friends! It’s once again time for me to ramble about random things! Life has been busy but good, and I’m excited as we get ready for Q4 and the holiday season. Here are the highlights from August and September:

While shopping at either Lowe’s or Home Depot, we got a little sunflower growing kit. Alex got around to planting it a bit late in the season but we had three sunflowers in bloom for a while!

My older sister Jiyoung and her husband Daniel bought a house at the beginning of summer and hosted the whole family for a housewarming party at the beginning of August! They have these built-in bookshelves in the living room, and I might or might not have organized her TBR bookshelf by color while I was there… šŸ‘€

I think it’s because my family used to live in Clayton when I started my first year at Salem College but I always think Winston-Salem is so much farther than it really is! Now that I live in Durham, it’s only a little more than an hour so one Sunday, I met up with my friend Ella for brunch. For some reason, it was our first time hanging out alone (which is different obviously) since college (unbelievable, I know) and it was SO nice to catch up.

I have banned myself from buying more Nap Dresses because I truly don’t need any more but I made an exception for this dress because it was 1) a kid’s dress so it was cheaper and 2) on sale so it was even cheaper! I love how fun and timeless this print is!

I didn’t know until this year but Durham, NC is sister cities with Durham, UK! Last month, there was a collaborative “Two Durhams Beer Festival” where Durham, NC breweries made beers using Durham, UK breweries’ recipes, which was fun. Alex and I were able to stop by before dinner at Gocciolina!

While at the Two Durhams Beer Festival, we got a poem written by Endless Will. We gave him August as our word and he wrote this beautiful poem!

My college roomie moved to Spain this month, which I’m really sad about for myself but excited for her. I got to spend a little bit of time with her before the big move, which I was really thankful for. We spent a low-key afternoon together in Winston, which included having pizza at Mellow Mushroom on 4th Street, just like the college days!

I went to my first library book sale ever! Chapel Hill Public Library had a weekend-long book sale last month, and on the last day, you could get any size bag full of books for only $10! I brought my ginormous book tote from InkWell Threads, which was absolutely perfect for this occasion. Below are all the books I got (not pictured but Alex picked out a few too)!

For a solid week, we had these sandwiches for lunch and they were so good! I think it had salami, tomatoes, and lettuce but the Trader Joe’s Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce made all the difference!

Our trivia group somehow made it to the first ever Trivia Tournament (but really because there were 30 teams haha) which was hosted at the Durty Bull Brewery, which I hadn’t been to in a few years. It was a HOT day but we managed to mostly stay in the shade and enjoyed Durty Bull’s slush seltzers.

My younger sister Sujung and her partner Edwin also had a housewarming party (it’s been a busy season for the Shin family haha), and it was the first time both families got to meet and mingle so it was extra special!

We recently tried Redstart Foods, which is a local meal delivery service based out of Durham, and were really happy with everything we tried! I just placed another order yesterday for this upcoming week.

I went to Yamazushi for the first (and probably the last) time. It was a double date with Sujung and Edwin, and I must say it was the most unique and special dining experience. They even gifted Sujung and me a little vase of flowers at the end of the evening! I shared more about our experience in this blog post.

FRIENDS I’m kind of obsessed with Sushi Suyu!!! It’s a new-is restaurant in downtown Apex, and I went twice in one week this month! I love all of the rolls I’ve tried so far and want to try their nigiris next time I go. Their lunch menu seems like a great deal if you’re in the area.

It was Chuseok (Korean harvest festival) so my family celebrated with lots of food, naturally!

Now that it’s fall, it’s also football season! Alex and I went down to Clemson last weekend for a football game and I only got bored during the third quarter so that’s an improvement lol

I met up with a friend from college at Saint James Seafood (trying to go as much as I can before they close next month) and finally tried their burger! We also shared the crab dip and might’ve been there for three hours chatting away. šŸ‘€

My sisters and I (plus Edwin) had dinner at Carolina Brewery this past Thursday. Now that it’s been feeling more like fall, I am having fun dressing again! This is what I wore to dinner featuring my newly resoled(?) block heels (I had broken them at a wedding last October and finally get to wear them again)!

Thank you for reading this really, really long post! There were so many things I wanted to document and still had to left out quite a bit. I promise I’m going to keep up with Monthly Mumbles every month going forward so it should be shorter, fingers crossed!

P.S. Last Monthly Mumbles!


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