Week in Outfits 11.7.2021

Last week was a short work week for me because I took a trip out to Austin, TX for my birthday weekend! This week, I feel like I am forever catching up on work and life but I am hoping to be caught up and fully rest this upcoming weekend (but maybe this will happen Thanksgiving weekend 🙈).


White Top + Plaid Skirt + Jack Rogers

It was a normal low-key workday for the most part, which is always a good way to start off a week. After work, Alex and I debated between going to an outdoor workout class and seeing Dune at the movie theater. The latter happened. Above photo was snapped at Southpoint Movie Theater, which is where Alex and I had our second date! I threw on the shoes to go see the movie but I would prefer a pair of booties to ~complete this outfit~.


Old Balloon Sleeve Sweater + Old Skirt (think this one on eBay is the same one) + Black Boots

I left the house (for a dentist appointment) which called for pulling out some boots! I received compliments at the dentist’s office for 1) taking good care of my teeth and 2) looking good in my outfit so my day was made.


Wednesday was one of those days where I didn’t get out of a bathrobe. I was trying to wrap up work and finally packing and last-minute planning for the Austin trip.


Jacket + Jeans + Allbirds

Woke up while it was still dark outside to fly to Austin! I am not sure how we had energy to but we walked almost 10 miles on Thursday! The river was our first stop in town coincidentally (we were really going for a taco place right by the river).


Old Ribbled Turtleneck + Navy Dress + Allbirds

Friday was our only full day in Austin so we covered a lot of ground (10.05 miles to be exact). We got some Texas barbecue, had some beers, some tacos, went to a two-story bookstore, and ended the evening at a bar!


Jacket + Equality Sweatshirt + Jeans + Allbirds

Am I wearing (basically) the same thing as Thursday? Why, yes. It is the perfect travel outfit in my opinion. We walked a lot on Saturday trying to do and eat more things before flying back to North Carolina in the afternoon/evening.


Tissue Turtleneck + Navy Tartan Dress + Black Shoes

While I was out of town, my new dress arrived in the mail so I had to debut it the next day even if it meant wearing it to a grocery store haha. A Whole Foods employees excitedly commented about how she had never seen a dress that was all tartan! I shall be wearing this tartan dress for the next two months.

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