Week in Outfits 2021.11.28

LAST WEEK: The three-day work week followed by a five-day weekend (I took today off as well) was a blessing. It’s always a treat to turn off your brain for a while! My only plan was to read and eat a lot and I accomplished one of those things (the latter if you couldn’t guess).

THIS WEEK: Returning to work after a holiday weekend is always a struggle but since I am coming back to a four-day work week, I hope it is not too painful! It’s absolutely wild that it will be DECEMBER in just a couple of days. Where has 2021 gone?! I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the week or this weekend and I am looking forward to all of it.


Headband + Similar White Shirt + Jeans (I have no idea why I thought I would pose with a Pepsi)

I had extra motivation last Monday since it was the start of a short week and I finally tackled a couple of outstanding items on my personal to-do list. I took my car in for the state inspection so I could renew my registration, which was expiring at the end of this month. I also scheduled an appointment for my flu shot and covid-19 booster shot, which was easy peasy and took all of five minutes once I sat down to do it.

Besides that, it was a normal and rather slow work day. After I wrapped up work for the day, I made it to Pure Vegan Cafe for a Yelp event, which I had been meaning to check out for a while! We tried a couple of the “chicken” sandwiches and thought they were delicious.


Wearing an old sweater (that was my brother’s when he was in middle school) over a dress

I am not sure if this counts as an outfit photo but this is the only photo I took on Tuesday. Saltbox was having lobster rolls so Alex went and got some for us while I was in a meeting. These were just buttery and heavenly and of course, I had to document them. I started the day with an appointment to the orthodontist’s for another adjustment and got thicker rubber bands put on.


Similar Velvet Headband + Black Dress (20% off with code EXTRA20)

I had a few meetings Wednesday morning but the afternoon was pretty slow thankfully so I managed to pack for the long weekend, got my flu and Moderna booster shots, and took this cute photo for bookstagram all before starting the drive to Alex’s parents’ in Tennessee. On the way, we made a stop to see my college roomie which was worth the detour! Also, made a stop to get Popeye’s for dinner because I am addicted.


Tissue Turtleneck (under $17 and ships free) + Navy Tartan Dress

If this outfit isn’t the most perfect outfit for eating lots and lounging all day! I felt pretty tired and took a pre-dinner nap on Thursday which is normal for me after a flu shot.


Sweater Cardigan + Skirt + Tights + Boots

Because I hadn’t left the house all day Thursday, I was having a bit of cabin fever so we went for a walk around the neighborhood (for which I put these boots on because I thought they went well with this outfit lol). Later in the day, we ventured out to downtown Kingsport to hang out at a brewery and impromptu got a pizza from a nearby pizzeria.


Boots (40% off with code CYBER)

We left Kingsport and headed to North Carolina mountains for a weekend getaway. Alex and I’s first date was on November 29th so we wanted to celebrate our anniversary amidst the Thanksgiving holidays. We have always wanted to stay at a tiny house Airbnb and booked this super cute A-Frame when we came across it several months ago! I want to share more about the Airbnb in a separate blog post so look out for that soon!


Jacket + Hiking Boots

We started the day at a cute local coffee shop which was all around lovely. Our initial plan for the day was to go hiking but we had to improvise because the trail we were going to was blocked off. Instead, we went to a small park in town and walked around Warren Wilson College before spending the afternoon at Highland Brewing.

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