Week in Outfits 2021.12.19

LAST WEEK: It was the busiest week in a long time! Work has probably been the busiest it’s ever been since I joined a new study in August. I had some plans a few evenings last week for which I had to have a hard stop. The weekend was a perfect balance of holiday festivities and downtime spent on the couch! It’s finally hitting me it’s Christmas time haha.

THIS WEEK: Per usual, I am looking forward to a short work week! I am taking the week between Christmas and New Year’s off so it’ll be a nice 10 days off or so. We’ll split the holidays between my family and Alex’s family in Tennessee but other than that, I am excited to rest and regroup for the new year! I really want to take the time to organize the photos/videos on my iPhone/Google Drive, fingers crossed.


It was just another Monday over here! Got a good amount of stuff done and put on a cute dress that I didn’t get to wear as much as I wanted to. This is the Christopher John Rogers For Target “Plaid Wide Strap Tie Waist Dress”–now old but you can find them on eBay/Poshmark, etc. The straps were a little bit long so I used safety pins the very first time I wore it but eventually had my mom shorten the straps for me.


Wearing one of my old go-to work outfits! I would wear this with black heels or black boots if I had left the house lol. This was my first time actually pairing the Cardigan Sweater with this old J. Crew Factory skirt and I really liked how the sweater brings out the green in the skirt.

Both of my evening meetings got rescheduled so I got to catch up with my college roommate on the phone, which is always a treat!


Alex plays for a local community band so we went to their annual Christmas concert in downtown Durham and went to Alley 26 for drinks afterwards. This was actually my first time at Alley 26 (I know it took long enough haha) and we also had our first ever burrata (it pooped)!


There was a Yelp event (part of a bigger event) for a newly opened/renovated movie theater in Cary, which was an opportunity to leave the house two days in a row!!! I wore my uniform that is Nap Dress with a Tissue Turtleneck underneath (Coat is old Gal Meets Glam).


Like the 50,000 other people in the Triangle Area, my family went to Angus Barn for a Christmas dinner. We usually never do anything like this so it was a lovely and almost emotional experience! We reflected on how far we’ve come since we moved to the States back in 2006. My brother was in the army and not around the holidays for several years so it’s just lovely being all together.

I repeated my “fancy night out” outfit: cowl neck dress, old strappy heels from Old Navy, and old coat from a church lady.


In the morning, I ventured out to Raleigh for a volunteering shift and a trip to Quail Ridge Bookstore. I’ve bought books from them online but it was my first time going into the store. It was decorated for Christmas and overall very cute.

We were planning to go to a show at The Carolina Theater which was postponed last minute due to a COVID-exposure (this is the reality) so instead we went to a Christmas/birthday party of Alex’s friend. We went to Target to get gifts for White Elephant gift exchange and also got a coffee because somehow we went through an entire day without caffeine ourselves and it was not good. (On a site note, I got an extra long iPhone charger for the gift and it was not as popular as I thought it’d be! There were too many Android users in that room lol)


I spent the morning tidying up the house a little bit and reading on the couch in the afternoon. For a late lunch/early dinner (do you call this lunner?), we met up with my sister Jiyoung at a Chinese buffet so we could eat an obscene amount of sushi rolls. Then we went to the outlet store in Mebane because I had to make a return and an exchange at J. Crew Factory. I am so glad I got that out of the way!

I am wearing basically a repeat of Thursday outfit but with a different red (rain) coat (best $15 I’ve ever spent) and rain boots.

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