Celebrating Small Wins

Throwback to an oyster happy hour at St. Roch; I was still feeling grumpy/conflicted/confused about the “win” at this time

Hi, friends! This post was originally what I wrote as a caption for an IG post recently but I decided that I want to share it on the blog and allow myself to be more open and vulnerable while also fully celebrating.

I recently had a small win but I wasn’t allowing myself to celebrate it. It was not what I had been working towards or even something that I was really considering. It all happened really fast, and initially I felt grumpy and almost annoyed by it? I definitely called it a consolation prize more than once.

Because it all happened really fast and it came with so much to do, I feel like I’m just not finally processing everything that happened. Now that it’s been a few weeks since I found out, I finally realized that I was simply withholding joy from myself.

I don’t know if I feel grateful for this win necessarily because I have been working hard and I truly believe I deserve it (and more to be honest…hopefully this is not coming across as conceited lol). But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be happy about this win, though it may be smaller and different than what I was wanting.

As an ambitious person, I sometimes get lost on working towards a goal and then the next goal. Maybe for the first time, I’m taking a brief pause to recognize and celebrate this win. If you’re like me, I hope you celebrate all the little things!

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