My YouTube Channel!

Hi, friends! I don’t think I ever officially introduced my YouTube Channel on the blog but what better time than now because I shared my first YouTube video of 2022 today! I took a break for a couple of months but filming and editing this video reminded me how much I enjoyed creating video content.

YouTube has been the social media channel I have used the longest (well, other than Facebook) and it has been a constant love for me over the last decade. I started making YouTube videos last year because I love watching them. Taking a lunch break with a side of a fun vlog is one of my favorite things to do!

If you enjoy watching YouTube videos, I would love if you subscribe to my channel. I am including a few videos of interest in this blog to get you started! 😉

Latest Video: Weekend in My Life Vlog

My Very First Video: Charlotte Day Trip

Most Watched Video: Our Stay at The Starling A-Frame House

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