Durham Date Night: Fairview Dining Room at Washington Duke Inn

I actually used to work at Duke a while back but I only recently visited Fairview Dining Room for the first time. As a part of Washington Duke Inn, Fairview Dining Room provides a fine dining experience as you would expect. It is definitely fancier and would be great for date nights, birthdays, or celebrations of all sorts.

I don’t know about you but I have been to upscale restaurants where the service was not up to expectation, but that was most definitely not the case at Washington Duke Inn. Literally everyone I interacted with was cordial, polite, and welcoming. The dress I had worn was very cute but perhaps not the most weather appropriate as we were having a true fall evening. One of the wait staff had offered a blanket without me asking, which I was so grateful for! They brought out the blanket at the beginning of our meal (when I “could use it” vs needed it) so I was comfortable throughout dinner.

Food-wise, their menu is classic American. You can view their full menu here. Based on our server’s recommendation, we started with BBQ Flatbread with pulled pork as well as the Pimento Cheese. The flatbread was delicious and is a generous portion too! I love pimento cheese and enjoyed their version as well though I am not sure if the pickles added a whole lot to the experience.

For the entree, I had Chesapeake Lump Crabcake and was happy with how crabby it was! One crabcake was plenty enough for me, especially since we had a couple of appetizers prior. Alex ordered the Angus Filet Mignon, and he found it to be perfectly seared, tender, and juicy.

Alex tried and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine during dinner. A server gave him a recommendation for his steak–they are happy to let you try a little before committing to a full glass or a bottle, which is always appreciated. If you enjoy a fruity cocktail like me, I recommend their Sangria Primavera (pictured above)!

If I were to describe my dining experience at Fairview in two phrases, it would be solid food and fantastic service. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and cannot emphasize enough how fantastic the service was. Put this on your list for special occasions!

I was invited to a complimentary dinner at the Fairview Dining Room but I do not have an obligation to post about my experience. My thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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