Things I Bought Recently vol. 1

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Hi, friends! I am starting a new series on the blog, completely inspired by Instagram account Things I Bought and Liked. In my “Things I Bought Recently” posts, I will share my honest thoughts on my recent purchases, both good and bad. I appreciate some thorough reviews when online shopping so I hope you enjoy this series! Here are a few things I bought recently:

The Laundress Laundry Detergent (+ Not a Happy Brooklinen Bedding Review)

Funny thing—I didn’t actually buy the Laundress detergent. We got a bedding set from Brooklinen after seeing so many people rave about them. While the sheets are soft, they didn’t live up to the hype for us. I was initially shocked at how thin the sheets were (not a huge issue), and then one of the buttons on the duvet cover came off after a week or so. Then the sheets literally tore in one of the washes (definitely in the first five washes). I will say Brooklinen customer service is great; they promptly responded and send us a new duvet cover and a cute little canvas tote bag. We have been coddling the replacement duvet cover because we don’t want this one to fall apart again. Also, the pillows we got from them are so high, they are not really usable? We just keep them for decor because they are fluffy and look great but we didn’t bother trying sleeping on them because I know I would throw them off the bed in the middle of the night

BUT I tell you all this to say the Classic Moving Bundle Set from Brooklinen came with the Laundress Detergent, and we love that! The scent of their Signature Detergent is the best laundry detergent smell. It smells exactly like you would want laundry to smell yet I have never smelled anything quite like it. Besides the smell, the laundry detergent works well. We haven’t had bad stains recently but what I have noticed is that the Laundress Detergent does not leave behind detergent stains on some of my darker dresses like the old detergent would. I would have never thought to try a fancy laundry detergent because we would get a generic Costco or BJ’s brand but we are wanting to buy the gallon size of the Laundress Detergent when we run out!

Rechargeable Lighter

I have been wanting rechargeable lighters for my daily candle lighting ritual but had been waiting for the disposable lighters I had to die before I made the purchase. I ordered this two-pack from Amazon to keep one in my office and one in my living room. I loved that 1) they are rechargeable and 2) they have a push on/off button as well as a slide on/off button for extra safety measure.

Ruggable Rug

This is another Internet favorite you probably have seen or gotten ads for before. We had an old rug from Alex’s family member that was way too small for our very wide living room for a long time and recently replaced it with Verena Sapphire Blue and Brown Rug, and we LOVE it. Since our living room is extra wide, we ordered the 8’x10′, and it fills out the living room beautifully. If you don’t already know, Ruggable rugs are machine washable—we have washed ours once so far after a Coke spill, and you can’t even tell where the spill was! Totally lives up to the hype.

Two caveats: 8’x10′ is pretty large and while we managed to fit it into our washer and dryer, it was a big of a struggle and we will probably go to a laundromat to wash ours. Ruggable Rugs are pretty thin in comparison to traditional rugs. The thickness is more like a thin blanket vs a typical rug. You can opt for the cushioned pad (we didn’t), which I have heard is still thinner than a traditional rug.

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