Week in Outfits 10.24.2021

Hi, friends! I am starting (yet) another new series on the blog. While I enjoy writing the Monthly Mumbles series, sometimes catching up on a month of what’s happened feels daunting. Carly, one of the handful of bloggers I read on a daily basis, does Week of Outfits, which has inspired me to start my own version. I have been wanting to make more effort to get out of my sleep clothes and wear more of my wardrobe so I think this series will be a good mix of what I need right now!

Warning: I don’t have a big enough mirror to take outfit selfies in so I tried all different things to take these outfit photos! Let’s say there is plenty of room for improvement.


(My brother’s) old sweater + similar jeans + leopard headband + grey Allbirds

Activity of the evening was NC State Fair! I wasn’t sure if I was going to go this year or not but I am glad I went. I am also glad I went on a Monday evening rather than a weekend day.


Thrifted chunky sweater + red nap dress

I had an orthodontist appointment first thing in the morning, which went well. I swear my front tooth (which my sisters and I sometimes call Tic Tac) was in alignment with the rest of my front bottom teeth by the time I got home, and my orthodontist’s office is only 5 minutes away!!!


Old sweater + old skirt (this used to be my mom’s back when she was in her 20s!)

We try to go to an outdoor workout class on Wednesdays but I was not feeling it so I sat this one out. However, I was feeling very domestic and made dinner (spicy rice cakes) and a side dish of pan fried fish cakes. Also need to note that I successfully acquired a new Nap Dress for the holidays.


Old shirt + old skirt + old fuzzy socks (also wearing this hair claw though you can’t see it!)

(Why do I look so uncomfortable/angry?!) cannot remember for the life of me what I did on Thursday other than eating a hash brown after 11pm. Highly recommend having some frozen hash browns on your hands for late night wants/needs.


Old button-down + old dress (my mom got this for me for college graduation!) + Madewell boots

The only time I left the house was to go get Cha House as a mid-day treat, which really was a whole outing that deserved dressing up. I got these boots during the pandemic so I haven’t worn them as much as I would like to.


Tissue Turtleneck + Old Skirt + Old Shoes

Had a full Saturday morning from Pi-Yo to picking up a few things at Durham Farmers Market and Durham Filling Station. Put on a real outfit for a lunch date at Sushi Mon. Another highlight from the day was the arrival of our new shoe rack!


No photo because I spent the entire day in my bathrobe! I couldn’t sleep in much so I decided to edit the Winston-Salem Day Trip Vlog, which I got uploaded. (I don’t think I have mentioned my YouTube Channel on the blog but I have one and I have five videos uploaded already!) The only “goal” I had set for myself on Sunday was to finish a book I had been reading for a while which I accomplished. We also started a new TV series called Midnight Mass on Netflix.

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