Holiday Season Gratitude

Hi, friends! I initially shared a shorter version of this on Instagram but I am sharing it again on the blog because I want to live here as well. I have been reflecting more during this holiday season and wanted to share the gratitude I am feeling.

My family went to Angus Barn this past Friday and crossed it off our North Carolina bucket list! It’s decorated beautifully for the holiday season this time of the year, and it was quite magical and a little bit surreal being there. Christmas Dinner at Angus Barn was one of those things my family was vaguely aware of but couldn’t fathom the idea of us going until recently.

Growing up, we were never financially comfortable but life in America was so much tougher than our mom had anticipated. We rarely had money to buy each other gifts or eat out. We got free lunches from school, sometimes went to local food banks groceries, used to eat instant ramen for days (which is probably why I crave it so much!). Not to mention the brief time when we were homeless.

A few weeks ago, a Facebook memory popped up that made me emotional. My sister Jiyoung and I’s birthdays are exactly one month and one day apart and we used to celebrate jointly during the hard times. This specific Facebook memory was when we celebrated with a small cake and a bottle of Sunny D while I was home for Thanksgiving one year in college. If you look at the photo without context, it is kinda funny but Jiyoung and I texted each other about how it brought back so many feelings.

It wasn’t until only a few years ago it became possible for us to afford anything that was not a basic necessity.

My mom always tells my siblings and I that we’re all each other have in this big land that is America–as I get holder, I often think about how lucky we are to have each other! With each passing year, I am grateful for and in awe of how far my family has come.

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