Top Posts and Products of 2022

A couple of years ago, I started sharing the most popular posts of each year. Today, I present to you the most popular posts from 2022:

  1. Hill House Nap Dress Review – I published this Nap Dress Review post last summer, and it has steadily climbed up the list! Nap Dress seems to have gained even more popularity throughout 2022 which I think is why this blog post is at the top of the list.
  2. All You Can Eat Sushi in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill – I never posted about this blog post on any of the social medial channels but it’s the second most read post of this year. I wrote about all the AYCE sushi spots in the Triangle because this is something I would’ve searched for if I were new to the area, and people must be Googling this!
  3. How to Wear the Nap Dress in Fall/Winter – I had put a lot of thought and effort into this blog post so I’m happy to see it on this list! The ideas in this blog post translate well to any dress.
  4. Honest Review of Universal Standard “Mystery Box” 2022 – Until writing this blog post, I had not realized how many people were looking up reviews of the Universal Standard Mystery Box! They do the Mystery Box sales occasionally, a few times throughout the year, and I’ve been seeing peaks in traffic around those times.
  5. Honest Review of Margaux Leopard Heel – Margaux Leopard Heel is one of my favorite shoes and the most perfect leopard shoe in my opinion. People seem to be finding this post either from specifically looking up Margaux review or from searching leopard shoes in general. Sadly, Margaux seems to have discontinued this particular leopard print.
  6. Afternoon Tea at Sugar Magnolia Cafe – I was initially a bit surprised to see people finding this blog post but it has a list of afternoon teas available in the Triangle area, which seems to be a popular Google search term. I still need to write a blog post about the afternoon tea I recently did at The Fearrington House!
  7. The Starling House in Swannanoa, North Carolina – The Starling House is one of the cutest and most popular airbnbs in North Carolina, and my YouTube video tour performed extraordinarily well considering my number of subscribers so I think people are finding this blog post both from Google search and the YouTube video.
  8. 24 Hours in Charlottesville, VA – I hadn’t even realized people were still reading this blog post from 2020! We had jam-packed our short weekend trip to Charlottesville, which was our first time traveling since the beginning of the pandemic.
  9. We’re Engaged! – Probably one of the most exciting blog posts I wrote this year, our Engagement Story made it to the top 10! I still need to share the blog post (and the news) on Facebook haha.
  10. Things I Bought Recently vol. 1 – I had started Things I Bought Recently series last year to review random things. In the first edition of the series, I reviewed Ruggable which I believe continues to drive traffic to this particular post. I made a few affiliate sales through this blog post, which was very exciting!

2022 was the first year I made money off of blogging, all through affiliate income. Here are the products people shopped most through my links:

  1. Girlfriend Collective – I added a few pieces of Girlfriend Collective workout wear to my closet this year, and I’m so happy I did!
  2. J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck – I get so much wear out of these ultra thin turtlenecks during the colder months. They’re great for layering, especially with sleeveless dresses. I own and love versions from both J. Crew and J. Crew Factory.
  3. Margaux Heel – The leopard heels from Margaux have become a closet staple for me over the last year! They instantly make me feel put together and dressed up.
  4. Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress – This is probably a no surprise to anyone but I’ve been living in my Ellie Nap dresses over the last couple of years because they are so easy to wear. I have acquired five Nap Dresses, all in the Ellie style, since my first purchase. I find myself reaching for them so often–I wear a Nap Dress at least once a wear regardless of the season!
  5. Ruggable Rug – Getting a rug from Ruggable was one of the very first home purchases Alex and I made together last year.

Thank you for all your support this year! Blogging has become a huge part of my life over the last several years, and I feel so grateful to have this creative space and having you here makes it all the more fun. I can’t wait to share more in 2023!

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