Week in Outfits 2022.03.06

Life felt good this past week! I ended up having social plans almost every weeknight, which is pretty unusual for me but a lot of fun. The weekend was the perfect amount of activities for me, and I feel rested and calm to face the new work week.


Starting off the week on a wild note, I went to a concert at Cat’s Cradle. To be honest, it snuck up on me and I didn’t stay until the end but it was a fun evening out and I appreciated Cat’s Cradle requiring and actually checking vaccination cards.

Humans Before Handles Earrings // Clear Crossbody Bag // Nisolo Booties


Alex and I hadn’t been on a weeknight date in forever so we decided to impromptu go to Kingfisher! It was actually our first time, and we loved the drinks and the atmosphere—very moody and very sexy.

Etsy Earrings // J. Crew Turtleneck // English Factory Dress // Margaux Leopard Heels // Secondhand Coat (from a church lady)


I met up with my Instagram friend Hannah (@lifewithhanny) for Korean Fried Chicken Dinner. We met up at Chicken Bee on Ninth Street in Durham. We chatted for literal hours until after they closed haha.


Thursday was a low-key workday followed by trivia evening! I’m not very good at trivia but I love showing up and passively participating while others really make effort.

Old Humans Before Handles Earrings // Amazon the Drop Top // Secondhand Skirt (it was my mom’s back in the 80s!) // Jack Rogers Sandal


This was my grocery store fit haha! My mystery box from Universal Standard got delivered and I was excited to open and try everything on. To be honest, the green pants scared me a little bit because they’re so different from what I usually wear, both in color and fit. Wearing them with a simple top tucked in and with ~statement~ shoes made all the difference! They have grown on me even more since Friday, and I’m actually wearing them again as I write this blog post on Sunday.

Universal Standard V-Neck Shirt // Weekend Pants (not available on Universal Standard website) // Margaux Leopard Heels


OHEMGEE I am officially a convert for Abercrombie Jeans!!! I grabbed a couple of different pairs during the President’s Day sale and while the mom jeans did not work out for me, these high-rise vintage flare jeans might be my favorite jeans of all time. They are very flattering and comfortable with the high waist. The flare isn’t too much but just right. I did a simple outfit with a white button-down and felt very classy and chic.

Abercrombie Ultra High-Rise Vintage Flare Jeans // Margaux Leopard Heels

Another photo from Saturday because I was very much obsessed with my outfit and feeling myself. But also, I need to talk about how cute Burlington is?! Sujung and I went to a wine bar in downtown Burlington which had the perfect vibes for girlfriend time. There was a used bookstore downtown as well, so we naturally made our way over there. It was three stories tall and so cute in an eclectic way.


Though I rested and lazied around a good amount on Sunday, I got a few things I’ve been meaning to do for a while so I felt productive! I filmed a try-on video of Universal Standard (I filmed it initially Friday but the video clips were weird) with help from Alex, went to the mall to return the Abercrombie mom jeans that didn’t work for me, looked at some money things, picked up around the house a bit… I guess the fact that an errand-filled Sunday is making me feel good means I am becoming an adult!

Phenomenally Asian Shirt // Hill House Home Blair Skirt

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