Park’s Food St. – Durham’s Korean Food Hall

JULY 2022 UPDATE: Unfortunately, Park’s Food Street has permanently closed according to their website.

Hi, friends! You know I have been a big fan of Itaewon Grill since it opened a few years ago. When Jay from Itaewon Grill mentioned that he was working on a food hall concept, I was so excited! Naturally, I went to check out Park’s Food Street as soon as it opened—literally on their first day of soft opening!

Park’s Food Street has three different menus—Cupdak, Ramyun Time, and Taco Park. I recently went back and was happy to see they have improved their menu even more. Keep reading to see photos and find out what my favorite items are from Park’s Food St.


On Cupdak’s menu, you can see the rice bowls as expected (cupdak literally means “cup chicken” in Korean). They also offer Korean Fried Chicken and a few different sandwich options.

Because I am Korean, I seize every opportunity to eat as much KFC as I can (kind of a rule when you’re a Korean). I’ve said this in an Instagram post before but their chicken is so juicy! During my first visit with my sisters, we gave Park’s Food Street team feedback that their KFC wasn’t quite spicy and boy, did they take that feedback! Their spicy gochujang KFC tastes exactly like the name and will definitely make you sweaty. I definitely recommend it.

Some things I am eyeing for my next visit is the KBBQ pulled pork burger. Itaewon Grill used to have pulled pork as the protein option, and I would get it almost every time until they pulled it (it wasn’t popular enough because everyone was getting bulgogi). I know Jay makes his pulled pork saucy and flavorful, and I can’t wait to get it again soon.

Ramyun Time

Ramyun Time has got you covered for all of your Asian noodle cravings. I tried the Sausage Budae JJigae Ramyun twice (pictured above), and it hit the spot both times. Inspired by Budae Jjigae, or Korean army stew, this Ramyun has the Vienna sausage, enoki mushrooms, and spam-like meat, all of which add so much flavor.

They have a great variety of noodles ranging from traditional Japanese ramen to Indonesian Mine Goreng. Beef Japchae (glass noodles) and Spicy Cheesy Rabokki (ramen and rice cakes) stand out to me as well.

Me impressing myself with my noodle pull

Taco Park

Okay–this is my FAVORITE part of Park’s Food St. I am undoubtedly not a taco person but their tacos are fantastic. The tacos are done so well, and I can’t wait to try more. The tacos are pretty sizable, and I would say two tacos will get you a good amount of full. If you want to be stuffed, you might want to go for three.

Pictured above are Pork Belly Taco, and Shrimp Tempura Taco, and KBBQ Pulled Pork Taco. I really love how they do their meats–pork belly and pulled pork are delicious and flavorful. The shrimp tempura feels like a hug. I’ve also tried their Cheesy Sausage Pizza taco (pictured below), and while it is really out there, it delivered. I want to try the Baja Fried Fish Taco and Soy Sauce Fried Chicken Taco next.

A few random things:

If you’re a vegetarian/vegan, they have tofu cupdak, and any of their noodle dishes can be made with tofu. They have a nice outdoor patio in addition to their ample indoor seating. I hope this blog post convinced you to check out Park’s Food Street if you haven’t already!

Park’s Food Street

3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd #200, Durham, NC 2770


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