Things I Bought Recently Vol. 3 – Target Edition

It’s been a while since the last rendition of Things I Bought Recently but I’ve certainly been buying things and am excited to resume this series! In the last year, I’ve been making more efforts to make our place more homey and a lot of things have come from Target so in this post, I’m sharing things I bought “recently” from Target:


Being in a townhome, we don’t get a ton of natural light for the amount of space we have so I had been wanting to add a floor lamp to the living room. I love the look of a pharmacy lamp and after some research, I found this Adjustable Height Metal Pharmacy Floor Lamp in Antique Brass on sale. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I love the classic look and it’s a great height for reading!

We have a big sofa in the corner of our living room which is perfect for lounging and reading in. I had wanted a small table by it for a while to set a cup of coffee or tea on. I landed on Palermo Accent Table Daisy Webbing Brown which is the perfect “small table” and matches the aesthetic of our coffee table with the brown wood. It was also under $100! While this seems to be sold out currently, I have seen it on Facebook marketplace and other resale websites.

Hearth & Hand Accented Metal Task Lamp Brass is the newest addition to our living room. It sits on a side table on the opposite side from the Pharmacy Floor Lamp. I love that they are both brass so they coordinate well without being matchy-matchy.


Beautifying my bathroom is a work in progress for sure but I got these matching Green Round Canister with Tassel & Fluted Grass Soap Pump last year, and they make such a big difference! The round canister has solved my problem of storing the elastic bands for braces, floss, etc. in an accessible way, and the green color is gorgeous. (You can probably tell by now that I love brass.)

I actually got this Mirrored Vintage Glass Tray from the same line to put the canister and the soap pump on but found it to be a bit large so I pivoted to hold all of my skincare products. It looks more expensive than $20 in my opinion. While it’s working well for me in the bathroom, I can also see myself using this glass tray on my nightstand for random trinkets, on top of my dresser to store jewelry or makeup, or in the living room as a catch-all.


I joined a local Barre3 studio last fall and have been loving it! The studio I go to livestreams all of the classes which I’ve certainly been taking advantage of, especially for early morning classes. I had a pair of 2 lb weights I inherited from my mom but I wanted a more challenging set of weights as well as circle resistance bands to replicate the studio setup at home as much as I could. After doing a quick research, I decided to on Blogilates Booty Resistance Bands, which comes with two different strengths bands, and 3 lb All in Motion Dumbbells which are no-frills, super affordable weights.


I added Eric Kim’s Korean American Cookbook to one of my Target orders, and while you can get it anywhere, I’m including it in this post because I need to talk about it ASAP! As someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking but wants to master a few recipes, I have been really enjoying this cookbook. So far, I’ve tried four or five recipes and found all of them very doable and not daunting at all. The lasagna with gochugaru has become a favorite and we’ve already made it at least four times!

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