Week in Outfits 2021.12.26

The last Week in Outfits post of 2021! I love dressing up for the holidays (for any occasion for that matter) so there are lots of red and green outfits in this one. Alex and I split Christmas holidays and spent time with both of our families.

I took off work all of next week so I’m looking forward to keeping my brain turned off for a little longer. I have some cleaning and organizing on my to-do list before the new year begins so fingers crossed, I actually get those done!


The very last working Monday of the year! I had enough motivation to get some work done and to put on a real outfit! I moved my office tree to the front of the window which I’m liking (I can finally close my door too lol) so my mirror is in a random spot for the time being.

Old Sweater + Old Pleated Midi Skirt + Leopard Slippers


Is this an outfit photo or a Christmas tree photo? Tuesdays are long working days for me so I took this selfie before one of my evening meetings. The tree is extra sparkly and festive when it’s dark outside! The dress is last year’s old J. Crew Factory.


I went to the mall to pick up my mom’s Christmas gift in the midst of the work day. The parking lot traffic wasn’t as bad during the daytime/week but the number of people not wearing masks inside was absolutely horrendous…

J. Crew Knot Headband + Old Sweater + Old Puffer Coat (similar) + Jeans

Alex and I had an afternoon appointment in downtown Durham and I was dressed up so I made him take a bunch of photos of me. Once we wrapped up work, we finally packed for the holidays and wrapped all the gifts that had been sitting naked under our tree.

Old Headband + J. Crew Pearl Drop Earrings + Old Button-Up (similar) + Old J. Crew Faux Leather Skirt + Black Flats



We spent Christmas Eve with my family which involved two grocery trips, making kimbap and eating it all day, and feasting on pork belly dinner.

Old Sweater (same sweater as Monday + Old Tartan Shirtdress (same dress as Tuesday)


We drove up to Tennessee to spend the next few days at Alex’s parents’ house! They finished building their “retirement” home just earlier this month so it was fun to see the house finished and then all moved in. They have quite a bit of land behind the house and plan to get some animals so they had this four-wheeler(?) type of vehicle which we got to ride around a little bit! Naturally, this moment has to be documented.

Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress in Navy Tartan + J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck + J. Crew Velvet Hair Bow


I am calling this my “bougie and overdressed auntie” outfit which is what I aspire to be. These red heels were a gift from Alex’s mom and they have a little bows on the back. We just lounged around the house all day so I didn’t keep the heels on but I thought they were the perfect way to complete this outfit!

Old Sweater (same as Wednesday) + ASTR Gaia Midi Dress + Talbots Erica Bow Suede Pumps (currently sold out but it keeps going in and out of stock)

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