Week in Outfits 11.21.2021

LAST WEEK: Work was pretty busy earlier in the week, and my only consolation was putting up the Christmas tree! This is my first time having a tree in my office room and I am loving it! I spend most of my waking hours in the office and it feels extra fun and special to have a tree that is decorated very “Ju.”

THIS WEEK: I am very much looking forward to the short week! I am taking Monday after Thanksgiving off as well so it’s an extra long weekend for me. Alex and I’d tinderversary is November 29th so we’re staying at a cute tiny house airbnb for a low-key celebration. I am excited to come back to another short week after that and it’ll also somehow be December next week?!


I might or might not have started decorating this tree in the middle of the workday with the few ornaments I had. I name Alex take this photo of me holding Adventure Time Christmas stocking that is definitely his and not mine lol


Christmas Tree, Unicorn Ornament & T-Rex Ornament

It was a LONG work day and I didn’t manage to get an outfit photo but I also don’t remember what I wore! Two highlights from Tuesday were 1) decorating the tree a little more (aka putting random stuffed animals on it) and 2) treating myself with a mid-day shower.


It’s not a full outfit photo but I think it counts! I wore my Durham shirt from Hometown Apparel with some old leggings (the outfit was complete by wrapping a blanket obviously). Since I had a couple of long work days, we went out to ItsAWrap Eatery for lunch and took advantage of the $9.11 Yelp deal that is going on through the end of the month.


Women’s College Hat + Top + Flannel + Jeans + Chacos

Took a midday stroll around the neighborhood for some vitamin D! I have been bad about taking walks during the day but I need to make more effort to do it regularly now that it’s completely dark by the time I finish working. I love being nosey and checking out my neighbors’ seasonal decorations.

Not pictured but while we were on the day to trivia at a Raleigh brewery (which is our semi regular Thursday activity), I realized I had left my purse at one of the outdoor tables outside ItsAWrap! I had a mini breakdown but thankfully the taco place next to them had someone turn it in so that was truly a blessing. At the brewery, we tried a new-to-us food truck called Portable Portugy and had a fantastic hot dog that I am still thinking about.


Puffer Jacket + Black Jeans + Black Sneakers

I was invited to check out Boxyard RTP’s grand opening (#UnboxingWknd) and had a blast! A lot more venues had open since I last visited way back in July so it was very exciting to see the space full and lively. I am so happy to have such great food options near me!

After wrapping up the work week, we drove down to Alex’s grandparents in South Carolina for a Clemson football game. We stopped by Popeye’s for dinner which is sort of becoming a tradition. Popeye’s also sort of becoming my favorite fast food place?!


Bacon Sweatshirt + Puffer Jacket + Clear Crossbody Bag

A cute selfie at the Clemson vs Wake Forest football game! We encountered a Karen and had to move a few rows behind because she was being a Karen but it worked out well since it was a lot less crowded. Clemson also won so that was nice.


Tissue Turtleneck + Nap Dress + Booties

When we drove back to North Carolina, we made a pit stop at home (to retrieve my mirror from Target which was actually missing lol) before heading to Orchid Japanese Restaurant in Raleigh for all-you-can-eat sushi! We had been craving sushi badly and particularly mediocre sushi in large quantity so naturally Orchid it was. This photo is of me cradling my AYCE sushi baby.

P.S. There was a Mumbles post last week instead of Week in Outfits!

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