Week in Outfits 2022.02.27

How Last Week Went:

I had Monday off for President’s Day, which was a first in my life I think haha. While it was a short week, work was pretty busy and I had a couple of late nights. It felt good to be productive though so I’m not complaining. The weekend was busy in a good way and I got to tackle some big boring things I’ve been meaning to, including transferring and purging old photos from 2021. This is something I did for the first time at the end of 2020 and I loved looking at photos from the past year and having a clean slate makes my heart happy. A couple of months late but I’m SO glad I got that done finally!


My inbox wasn’t terrible after a three-day weekend (as it usually is after a US holiday rather than a PTO) and while it was a long work day, work itself wasn’t bad at all. I decided to put on a comfy dress for all the sitting I did on Tuesday. (Did not take an outfit photo on Wednesday but I wore my new Target dress for another long day of sitting at my desk.)

Old Modcloth Headband // Old Loft Sweater // Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress in Navy Tartan


Thursday was my first outing of the week so I naturally got very excited and dressed up! Pineapple Sol, a local business who has hosted me for one of their incredible picnic is before, opened a restaurant in Cary, and I was honored to attend the soft opening for their new space. I got to see lots of blogger friends and meet some for the first time ever so it was a great evening all around.

Old Humans Before Handles Earrings // J. Crew Button-down Shirt // Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress in Raspberry Red // Talbots Erica Bow Suede Pumps


I didn’t take any outfit photos but I ventured out to downtown Raleigh with my older sister. One of my Instagram friends Lindsay (@welcometoraleighwood) with State of Beer to create a sandwich with a dollar from each purchase benefiting Friends of Oberlin Village. It was available through February so I’m glad I made it before the end of the month! Our downtown Raleigh adventure was followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s, which was wonderfully empty.


Alex was out of town this weekend so it was a very “Ju” weekend! I went to an outdoor workout class for the first time in a while (and I’ve been hurting/recovering from it all day today haha). Not pictured but I wore my Strawberry Crocs, which I regretted because it was so freaking cold!!! After the class, I went to Everlou Coffee to both thaw my feet and to get one of their tiramisu lattes.

Old College Shirt // Thrifted Jacket // Girlfriend Collective High Rise Compressive Leggings

There is a local Bookstagram group chat I am a part of and some people were meeting up at Hi-Wire Brewing in Durham! Meeting new people is usually out of my comfort zone but having a shared interest or being in the same “space” definitely makes it a little bit easier. This was my second time going to one of the gatherings and I thin we were there for almost three hours! Since I was already at Golden Gate Campus, I popped into Cugino Forno afterwards to grab dinner (which was also tonight’s dinner and will be tomorrow’s lunch 😉)

Old J. Crew Jacket // Hill House Home Blair Skirt // Madewell Tall Boots


After doing some computer work in the morning, I spent the afternoon with my sister Jiyoung. We went thrifting where I got a copy of a book I have read and enjoyed and a large Lenox swan bowl for under $5 total! We then checked out a few Free Little Libraries in the area (one of Jiyoung’s favorite hobbies haha) before heading to H Mart for a late lunch and groceries.

Thrifted Sweater // Old Rain Jacket // Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Vintage Flare Jeans

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