Week in Outfits 10.31.2021

LAST WEEK: Inspired by a book I read recently, I have been making effort to wake up earlier around 6am. I would say 7am is my happy wake up time, and I used to get up at 6am but recently, I have been sleeping in until 8am so far it’s a work in progress. On the days I woke up early last week, I worked on the blog before my day job which is why I have been cracking out more blog posts recently!

THIS WEEK: I am going to Austin this weekend! I have always wanted to go to Austin, and it’s going to be my first time in Texas ever. I have not had time or energy to hardcore plan for the trip so fingers crossed, I eat a lot of good food (which I am sure is inevitable).


Navy top from Amazon drop + Goodwill bin skirt (fished this out from a donation bin during end of the school year move out in college)

I shared on IG story that it was the Mondayest Monday in a while! I ended up working later than I expected but managed to take this (terrible) photo before rushing off to a workout class.


Old Loft Sweater (I promise the tuck looked better in the morning lol) + Old Velvet Headband+ Old J.Cfew Factory Faux Leather Skirt (found quite a few on ThredUp!) + Black Booties + Old Velvet Headband

I had to lead a meeting that was the first of its series/kind for the study I am on (I work full-time in clinical research industry). I was a bit nervous about it but it went well! Otherwise, it was a low-key work day. Didn’t do much else but spent a few hours reading (Lonesome Dove is a BIG book).


Old Chunky Grey Sweater + Black Jeans + Old Black Nikes + Black Longchamp

I got out of the house first thing in the morning to join my Instagram friend Alex’s Breakfast Club! She is going to a different coffee shop every Wednesday and inviting people to join. This one was at Jubala in Lafayette Village. For dinner, my family went to Seol Grille in Cary to celebrate my mom’s birthday a little bit early (because what is more like my family than celebrating with KBBQ?!), and I had Alex take a photo of me when we were heading out for dinner.


Old J. Crew Drapey Crepe Faux Wrap Top (lots available on Poshmark!) + Jeans + Black Flats + Same Velvet Headband from Tuesday

This outfit feels very #CorporateMillenial! I love tops like this (I have three different variations of it) but haven’t worn them since I started working from home. It still fits for the time being but none of my work pants fit so I paired it with some jeans.


Old Fisherman Sweater + Red Nap Dress + Strawberry Crocs

Alex and I went out for a lunch at Eastcut Sandwich followed by ice cream from Two Roosters. We did a Friday lunch a week or so at Banana Leaf and are thinking we will make this a regular thing! I completed this outfit with my strawberry crocs naturally.


Floral Nap Dress + Old Loft Cardigan (found one on ThredUp for $17.99) + Booties

Saturday was my mom’s actual birthday, and we surprised mom with an afternoon tea! You can read about our experience at Sugar Magnolia Cafe here. I thought a nap dress would be perfect for the afternoon tea, and my sister Jiyoung had the same idea so we both showed up in our nap dresses haha. Complete twinning with long open sweater cardigans too!


White Shirt + Jean Jacket + Old Skirt (this was also my mom’s!)

I woke up early and worked on some blog posts in the morning! For the rest of the day, I was switching between reading Lonesome Dove and playing on my phone until I met up with a friend at a brewery! On a side note, I hope you appreciate the chaos in the above photo haha.

P.S. Last week’s weekly outfits and what I read in October.


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