Week in Outfits 2021.12.12

Last Week: Recently, I have been feeling extra weird about social media. I have been talking to my sisters and close friends about the sense of disparity and the feeling of exhaustion I am carrying around these days. I am not sure exactly what I need to do for my mental health (maybe take a year off social media?) so I am continuing things for the time being.

This Week: It’s the first full work week in a while but it also is the last full work week of 2021! Somehow it’s already mid-December and somehow 2021 is coming to an end. I am looking forward to time off at the end of this year; I am hoping to take some time to reflect on 2021 to evaluate what is bringing me joy and prioritizing those in the upcoming years.


Sweater Cardigan // Jeans // Slippers

This was a momentous day as my mirror finally arrived! Getting the mirror intact took some patience and frustration but I am happy to have a full-length mirror for the first time.


Tuesday was my older sister Jiyoung’s birthday and the two of us took a day trip to Rocky Mount, where Jiyoung used to work actually! We started the day pretty late at a cute coffee shop, met up with her old coworker for lunch, and spent the afternoon at this cutest book cafe (Books & Beans in Rocky Mount TikTok) before heading back to the Triangle. Two of Jiyoung’s favorite bands were playing at the Lincoln Theater so that’s how we ended the night (sadly very little mask wearing observed)!


Tissue Turtleneck // Nap Dress // Black Chelsea Boots

Wednesday was my second day of mid-week PTO, which was honestly pretty amazing. We were planning to go to Let’s Met All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ spot in Charlotte but we were devastated to realize they are no longer open for lunch during the week. We improvised and tried a new-to-us place in High Point which was decent but very Americanized. While we were in the Triad, we had to go to the Salem Heritage bridge and take some photos because #MoravianStars!


Thursday was a long workday both from catching up on being out of office the last couple of days and from a late meeting. I have been on a new study since August where things are changing all the time.


Plaid Flannel // Old Wrap Dress // Black Flats

I was very proud of myself for putting a cute outfit on so it had to be documented naturally. It was a low-key work day as most Fridays are. We had no energy or grocery left to cook dinner so we treated ourselves with Sushioki. Also FaceTimed a friend who I hadn’t talked to since she moved this summer so that was another Friday treat.


Old Sweatshirt // Jeans // Shoes // Cat Tote Bag

This is the 5th or 6th Saturday where I had all the intentions to go work out in the morning but I have no motivation when it’s time to wake up. I fell off the exercise bike hard last winter and I think it’s happening again…We have been sticking to outdoor exercise classes only which is just extra hard in the morning and limited in offerings (I know I am making excuses). I need to establish at-home workout routine as I did at the beginning of the pandemic…

Some exciting things happened on Saturday though and I’ll list them here:

  1. Went to Boxyard RTP with my sisters and tried Fullsteam’s pizza finally!
  2. My Instagram friend Joy was hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater at Boxyard around lunchtime so I got to see a bunch of familiar faces.
  3. We were running an errand in downtown Durham near Brightleaf District which naturally meant making a trip to SugarKoi! They recently added strawberry soft serve so basically my life is made.


We finally decorated our Christmas tree! I can’t believe it took us a whole week after getting the tree but we needed more lights and getting the lights was so hard?! (It wasn’t; just took forever for us to make a trip out to Target lol) Our tree is a bit sparse with ornaments but I think it’s still very pretty. Decorating the tree with Christmas music really put me in a good mood.

Two other things to note: I met up with my old high school friend for lunch which was our second time meeting up this year (aka a record for us as of the last five years or so) and I stayed up past midnight to finish a book! Since downloading TikTok, I haven’t been doing a good job of prioritizing reading (which was exacerbated by this big book which I ended up DNFing). I have always loved reading and still enjoy it when I actually do sit down (or lay down) and read so reading is something I want to better incorporate into my day going forward.

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