Week in Outfits 2022.02.20


I took off work on Monday and spent most of the day reading and doing things around the house, including purging my notes from college classes! It felt good to cross some things off my list and set me up for a great work week, especially since it was a four-day work week! Tuesday was a normal workday, a little bit of catch and some meetings.

Nicola Bathie Sarah Pearl Headband


I had all but one meeting cancelled or rescheduled on Wednesday so it ended up being a pretty slow day, which I probably needed after a day of catching up on Tuesday.

Hill House Home Nap Dress in Navy


The first outing of the week was out to The Frontier for one of their RTP180 events. If you’re not familiar, The Frontier is a co-working space in RTP (right next to Boxyard) and they also host events, including RTP180, which are monthly speakers events with different themes. You also get free beer/wine with attendance. This month’s topic was Medicine, which is sort of relevant to what I do, so I figured I’d try going in person for the first time since the pandemic began!

Old Pearl Headband from Old Navy // English Factory Tiered Midi Dress in Lilac


It was one of the laziest Saturdays I’ve had in a while! We started watching Inventing Anna on Netflix Friday Night and watched a few more episodes on Saturday. That and taking a nap are two only things I did until dinner haha. Alex and I went to Saint James Seafood a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much, we decided to bring my mom ASAP! It was even better than our first visit. Truly, seriously, we LOVED everything we got: Oysters, Clams, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, Chowder Fries, Hushpuppies, and Fried Seafood Platter. I’m writing this blog post on Sunday and Alex and I’ve been thinking about fried oysters all day today.

Phenomenally Asian Shirt (30% off right now!) + Old Navy Jean Jacket

P.S. My mom is holding a teddy bear bag which she got for us Shinsters in the late 90s! I was shocked to see that she still had it lol. It has a matching pencil case too!


We went for a short hike at Eno River State Park in the morning! It must have been my first hike in at least a year, maybe even two… The rest of Sunday was as lazy and low-key as Saturday was! We finished Inventing Anna and got some groceries.

I had been wanting to try Girlfriend Collective for a while and snagged my first pair of leggings that were on sale at ShopBop (still more than 50% off right now!). I immediately put them on when they were delivered Friday and was excited to wear them on today’s hike! They are SO soft and the fabric feels durable and well-made so far.

Patagonia DOwn Sweater Jacket + Girlfriend Collective High Rise Compressive Leggings + Targhee Hiking Boots

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